pregnant thoughts


February 7, 2012 by Heather

See the double meaning in that title?  Literary genius, I tell you.

So, pregnancy.  Some recent thoughts.

  • Perhaps I should first clarify a statement I made in my last post about the baby weighing 15 pounds.  My brother-in-law called me last night saying that they were confused, and was I really about to set a record for giving birth to the largest baby ever?  The answer is no.  The baby weighs about 1 pound 11 ounces.  I, on the other hand, weigh significantly more than that.  I was trying to make a joke, perhaps unsuccessfully.  Kind of like I tried to make a joke to the ultrasound tech when she told me the baby’s weight and I said, “Are you sure he doesn’t weigh 15 pounds?”  She gave a weak, forced chuckle.  Let me put it this weigh way:  Four more pounds, and I’ll weigh the same as Andrew.  I think he’s pretty excited about that, for some sick and twisted reason.
  • I am almost 27 weeks along.  I have genuinely loved being pregnant.  It has been an amazing experience that I feel very blessed to have.  If I had thrown up everyday for the first three months I might be saying something different, but luckily I had zero morning sickness.  The only real nausea I’ve dealt with has been more recently.  Whenever he spends the entire night kicking, I wake up really sick to my stomach.  Not enough to throw up, but it still doesn’t feel too wonderful.  Eating breakfast usually helps.
  • The book I am reading right now, Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner (chick lit, holla), has a few quotes in it about pregnancy that I can really agree with.  At one point the main character says that she felt as though she were “in bloom” when she was pregnant.  It is so cheesy, but so true!  This is what my body was designed for, and it does feel very much like it is in bloom.  I am blooming out in all directions, quite literally.  Sideways, frontways, backways.
  • At another place in the book she says that she loved the way the world responded to her when she was pregnant.  It’s true – people are nicer.  From the men at Walmart who will pull a cart out for you, to the hostess lady at Cracker Barrel who scratches your bulging tummy with her really long artificial nails… people are friendly to pregnant folk.
  • I would like to give a shout out to my husband.  Thank you, honey, for the cute little smirk you do every night when I am doing my “exercises” in front of the tv.  Thank you for waking up every time I do during the night and asking if I’m ok.  And, even though it’s not really needed quite yet, thank you for the gentle push you give me when I am getting up off the couch or out of bed.  It is really sweet, even if it does make me feel a wee bit like a beached whale.



3 thoughts on “pregnant thoughts

  1. flamingomama says:

    You are beautiful…

  2. Sarah says:

    you look lovely! and I might just have to read that book. sounds good.

    • She is one of my favorite authors. The book I’m reading now is sort of a sequel to another book called Good in Bed, which is also really good. I say sort of a sequel because there’s like ten years that go by between the two stories. She is an amazing author. I happen to know that the Poudre Valley library has a good selection of her stuff 🙂

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