el oh vee eee.


February 14, 2012 by Heather

I remember back in the day when I was pretty friggin cool I used to do this thing where I’d draw this snail-like thing and it would spell out “LOVE.”  It was around the same time period that everyone was doing that pointy, gothic looking “S” where you would draw six little lines, three on top and three on bottom, and then connect them and add the points at the top and bottom.  You know you did it.

I feel like Valentine’s Day is a lot like New Year’s Eve.  There are so many expectations, even if you tell yourself you don’t have any expectations.  You can plan a big fat expensive night on the town and, more times than not, it comes off as forced and cliche.  Not always, but sometimes.  Also everywhere is crowded, which sucks.  Nothing worse than a crowded Olive Garden, that’s what I say.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be celebrated, because I believe that it most certainly should.  A holiday should never be ignored, especially one as fun and love-filled as this one.  I think it’s really funny and lame how some single people are like, screw valentines day, I’m going to go rent a slasher movie and throw darts at a construction paper heart.  We’ve all been single on Valentines Day at some point.  Enjoy it, for real.  Take yourself out, buy yourself some chocolate, and give yourself a big ol’ hug, because you are awesome.

I give Andrew a hard time about romance.  A.) Because it doesn’t come real naturally to him, and B.) Because I’m a girl and that’s what girls do, right?  And then I feel like a total, well, you know what because he is so amazing and perfect and why do I need to go out to some fancy place on this crowded night anyway.  Plus, I’d have to blow dry my hair, which I hate more than a lot of things.

And, you can’t go wrong with your favorite Mexican place and a pan of homemade brownies.  Oh, and Friday Night Lights, with which we are currently obsessed.


happy valentine’s day, lovers.

my lovely two lips




3 thoughts on “el oh vee eee.

  1. Hannah J. says:

    I hate going out on Valentine’s. Too many girls in short dresses (in February) and high heels and too much eyeliner and poofy hair.

  2. Hannah J. says:

    Also, I had forgotten about the goth “S”! I am excited. I’m going to draw it right now.

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