weird things


February 20, 2012 by Heather

…..Whenever someone says to another person, “Aw, your dog is so cute!”  And the dog owning person says, “Thank you!”  I just want to be like, did you grow the dog?  Did you play a part in it becoming so adorable?  I realize that saying thank you is just being polite, and I am all for being polite, but it just seems weird to me.  I mean, anyone can go to the pet store and pick out a cute dog.

…..So I am now in the third trimester of pregnancy, and it feels just like the first trimester.  What is up with that?  I am exhausted all over again, I only want carbs and fruit, my face looks like a greasy 14 year old boy’s, and the mood swings are back.  (I know Andrew will read that and think, “Did they ever go away?”)  Of course now I can add to that list things like peeing every hour, GAS (sorry Andrew, really, I am), back aches, grunting whenever I get up from sitting or bending over, vaguely resembling a beached whale when getting out of bed, having to teach myself to put on socks and shoes in a whole new way, and wondering if my thighs will ever be normal again.

That said, I love being pregnant.  I really do love it.  It has been nothing short of wonderful and amazing, and I feel so blessed to get to experience every single part of it.  Even the late night flatulence.  Sorry again, Andrew.

…..I had to take down the post of me in my swimsuit b/c apparently some virus got a hold of it and photoshopped a naked body onto it.  Sweet.  I am only slightly offended by this for two reasons:  A) It forced me to delete that post, and B) WAS ME IN A SWIM SUIT NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?

…..The fact that people think it’s weird that I don’t want to spread our baby’s name all over kingdom come.  It’s my child’s name, I’ll tell who I want to tell and then keep it to myself.  Yes, we’ve picked a name.  Yes, it’s perfect.  And yes, some people know what it is.  Everyone else will know sooner or later.  Now leave me and Georgeophilous alone.  Whoops, guess I just spilled the beans.

…..Winter?  Winter, anyone?  Is it going to happen in Arkansas this year?  It’s so Springy outside, I love it.

See ya.


9 thoughts on “weird things

  1. Robin says:

    I look forward to reading every new post! You have a point of view that constantly brings a smile! Your honesty and humor never fail!
    Keep it up!

  2. Sarah says:

    OH MY that is so funny about your photo! some people…wow. Also, I think it’s weird when I’m registering a new mama, someone I don’t know or her friends, won’t tell me the name of their baby. I get not telling your family and friends but ME?! A complete stranger? Weirdos. 😉

    • You should be like, “I’m sorry, but I can’t register you until you tell me the baby’s name.” We have told family and close friends. It’s really not a big deal, but for some reason I want to keep it a secret haha. And I’ve told some strangers. I would definitely tell you 😉

  3. Hannah J. says:

    I love Ricardo so much.

  4. flamingomama says:

    Flatulence? Really? And at night? Omggggg. I love you anyway. And little Hoover. bahahahahahahaha Luuuvvv his name!!! Hope you don’t mind me calling him “little HW!”

  5. Linda says:

    gah! those viruses scare me. how did you find out about it?

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