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February 24, 2012 by Heather

Being a stay-at-home-wife/almost mom is not an easy task sometimes.  Thankfully, I have some live-in help who are more than willing to do whatever I need.

So it was no surprise yesterday when I started on some projects in Little Watson’s room that my helper girls were there on the double, ready to get in the way do their part.

December, hiding from Mayfield and getting primer all in her fur.


Just checking out the structure of the dresser.


Seems well-made enough, I suppose.


Then there's this dingleberry, who took it upon herself to taste the primer AND the paint to make sure it was high quality.


Helping to hold down the drop cloth. Thank you, Mayfield.

I really could not have done it without them.  That little dresser is getting another coat of paint today, and I am so happy that I won’t have to do it alone.  It’s no big deal, they’re pretty cheap labor.


Paint my face. Go on. I dare you.

Happy Weekend, one and all.


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