bring on the baby


February 27, 2012 by Heather

Apparently a symptom of “pregnancy brain” – besides putting weird things in the fridge and forgetting what someone has said as soon as it has left their mouth – is being completely oblivious to the fact that those you love more than anything are secretly planning a surprise baby shower right under your nose.  Like Shakira, I have a fairly decent amount of intuition, and I can usually tell when someone is up to something.  Not this time.  Not at all.

So when Andrew & I walked into what I assumed was a Sunday School afternoon cookout on Saturday and there stood a rather eclectic mix of friends and family shouting “SURPRISE” and surrounded by blue balloons and gifts, I was beyond shocked.  I couldn’t even cry!  All I could say was, “What are you doing here?  How did this happen??????”

I’m still just baffled by it.  Haha.  We were showered with a lovely array of baby gifts, including a glider, a pack-n-play, bathtub, various nipple-related items, adorable clothes, handmade blankets, other baby essentials, and even a book of some fun maternity pictures that were taken on Thursday and turned into a book by Saturday.  I have talented friends.  Talented, exquisite, funny, good-cooking AND good-looking friends.  And family.

See… here’s what I do… I surround myself with people such as these, hoping (praying) that their wonderfulness will somehow rub off on me.  So if you and I are ever hanging out and I come up to you and start platonically rubbing my arm against yours, don’t be weirded out, I’m just testing my theory.

Time to tackle the ever present to-do list.  Onward!

…..But first, my four very favorite looks from last night’s Academy Awards.


Tina Fey in Carolina Herrera


Kristen Wiig in J. Mendel


Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji


Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Be a blessing to someone today!  Or just tell an elderly lady that you love her blouse or hair, same thing.


2 thoughts on “bring on the baby

  1. Sarah says:

    How exciting!! you must post pictures. I just wish I could have been there.

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