lemony snippets


February 28, 2012 by Heather

…It has come to my attention that a certain John Mayer will be playing a concert in Memphis on April 30th.  Oh my heavens, how I would love to go.  However, I will be extremely pregnant and would probably only be able to spring for the cheap seats, which would mean lots-o-steep-stairs and being a little too far from a bathroom.  I mentioned the concert to Andrew and he said I might like the concert too much that it would throw me into pregnancy.  Hmm.  I think he meant labor…?  I’ll get you next time, Johnny.

…About a year ago, or maybe more, I was having a particularly low day.  I don’t remember what was so low about it, but I do remember praying about whatever it was.  After praying, I looked out the window and saw the prettiest Cardinal bird hopping around on the ground.  Ever since then, anytime I see a Cardinal it reminds me of God’s faithfulness and ever-presentness.  All that to say, as I was walking the dog this morning my mind drifted to thoughts of “being a mother is so scary sounding” and I turned my head and there in the tree was a little red bird, reminding me that with God all things are possible, and that I’ll be just fine.

…Speaking of being a mother, I have been thinking a lot lately about how the baby gets from the inside to the outside.. otherwise known as giving birth.  Either way, vaginal or C-section sound equally terrifying.  I know it has to happen, but good grief.  You want me to push a human being out of WHAT?  I just cannot fathom.  But women have been doing it for centuries, so I figure it is doable.  Doesn’t make it any less frightening.

…Lately I have the most incredible urge to jump on a big trampoline.  I know it probably wouldn’t be good for the baby, or my bladder, but I just want to so badly.  Good thing there’s not one around or I’d be on it.

…Yesterday I sat in our new rocking chair and read to Little Watson.  It was sort of awkward at first, reading out loud to nothing but an empty room and my dog, but after a few pages it wasn’t so weird.  In fact it was kind of nice.  I need to stock up on some children’s books.  I have a few, but I have a feeling he will love being read to.  Time to hit up some flea markets.

…Has anyone watched the clip of Angelina Jolie presenting at the Oscars?  Where she walks out and stops and sticks her leg out of the giant slit in her dress before talking?  I just want to be like, shut up Angie.  Just shut up, and put on some pants.

…I have this tomato soup in the pantry.  It’s been there for a while now.  Almost everyday I tell myself, “I am going to eat that soup for lunch today because it is vegetable-like and nutritious.”  And almost everyday I have a sandwich or cereal or fruit and yogurt instead.  I have a feeling the soup will just continue to stay in the pantry.


One thought on “lemony snippets

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s pretty cool about the red cardinal showing up when you need it. Birds are such telling creatures. And yes, dear, you will be okay as a mama, no matter how the babe comes into the world.

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