March 5, 2012 by Heather

It’s Sunday night, and I’ve just completed an evening of doing things I like to do whenever Andrew is on the road traveling for work.  Things like eating a meal that consists of a hugh jass bowl of salad, a sweet potato, and ice cream.  Squeezing out all of the blackheads on my nose.  (I can do that when he is here, but not without some sort of comment like, “WHY HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE BATHROOM FOR 30 MINUTES STARING AT YOUR FACE???”)  Catching up on back episodes of SNL.  Staying up past 11.  Picking my nose, without a kleenex.  Watching dumb movies on Netflix.

Tonight’s dumb movie was “Alfie.”  It was totally dumb.  Sooo dumb…. I kind of only halfway watched it.  BUT I did notice that it came out in 2004, which got me to thinking about what was going on in 2004, which got me to thinking… oh my word, that was eight years ago.  I was graduating high school, spending the summer working at a camp and embracing my new independence, starting college at JBU, meeting a boy who would totally break my heart a little over a year later, dyeing my hair bright red then chopping it off, singing at prom.  Thinking I knew everything.

There are a few times a year when I get very nostalgic.  Christmas, obviously.  When the leaves start to change and fall sets in.  And this time of year, right before spring starts and you can smell it blowing in and you can see it on the trees.  Something about March gets me thinking deeply.  It reminds me of a lot of things… my birthday being two months away, my parents’ (former) anniversary, rolling up blue jeans and maybe breaking out the sandals, the anniversary of Grandpa passing away in ’03.  It is also this time of year when my nerdy obsession with Titanic sails in.  Get it?  Gosh I love anything about the Titanic.  ABC is airing a 4-episode mini series in April about it and I couldn’t be more excited.

Time is a funny thing – how it is always ticking and forcing things to move along and hurry up.  After thinking about 2004, I thought about everything that has happened since then.  It was quite a lot for my brain to churn up.  I say I thought about everything… but really it was more of a highlights reel.  Even then, so very much has happened.  So much has changed, some for the good and some for the not-so-good.

Now it is 2012, and here I am.  On my couch watching my pets sleep and feeling a baby roll around in my tummy.  I have a husband with whom I share a bank account and a tube of Colgate Sensitive Multi-Protection toothpaste, amongst many other things.  I bleach his undershirts and make his lunches.  We pay bills, get new tires, make babies.  Well, make baby.

Spring is about growth and new life.  The grass gets greener, flowers bloom, trees come back to life.  I can’t think of a better time to bring a new human life into the world.  And so in the years to come, whenever March rolls around and my brain inevitably goes into deep-thinking mode, I will get to add another memory to the list of Spring things – that one time when I was so very pregnant and anxiously awaiting the arrival of a little boy who would change our world in so many ways.  And we’ll say, “What did we ever do before he got here?”  Then we’ll kiss and hold hands, and my hair will blow in the wind and we’ll skip through a field.



One thought on “time

  1. Robin says:

    There should be butterflies or singing animals in the field for the group song!

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