riding in cars with boys


March 12, 2012 by Heather

Remember in this recent post where I said I was not happy to be spending a lot of money to fix one of our cars, but still thankful that it wasn’t going to cost thousands of dollars?

My how I misspoke.

We found out that the transmission on Andrew’s car needed rebuilding, and after getting a second opinion we learned that it would cost anywhere from $1300 to $2000 dollars to have it fixed.  The day we learned that was not a happy day around here.  I even made cookies to try to cheer us all up.  I think it worked for me, at least.

After much conversation and consulting with a panel of experts (our wise parents) and praying for some guidance, we decided the best and safest thing to do would be to go ahead and trade in Andrew’s Explorer and get something a little newer with fewer miles and issues.  Andrew’s car wasn’t exactly baby friendly (2-door, pretty clunky ride, etc.), plus we were worried that getting the transmission fixed would just be putting off the inevitable.

So we spent all day Saturday looking at cars.  Test driving cars.  Pretending like we were on Pawn Stars when they asked what we wanted for Andrew’s car.  The dealership fed us fried chicken, beans & rice, and sweet potatoes.  We learned all about the car salesman’s life, and he learned all about ours.  It was a looong day.

In the end (six hours later), we found the perfect car.  We had to go home and get Andrew’s car and title to take back to the dealership, as well as change our insurance over to full coverage.  Blah.  Being a grown up is full of so much baloney if you ask me.

The process of cleaning out Drew’s car was a sad one.  I could tell he was trying not to get teary-eyed.  I told him that it was ok and not to get sad, then I started boo-hooing in a rather ugly fashion.  I’m such a hypocrite.

"I grew up in this car!"


just being sentimental.

We dropped her off at the dealership, with Andrew saying a very soft, “Bye, car” as we walked away.  We had to go finish the rest of the paper work with the finance guy, who was rather intimidating.  He explained to us all the upgraded warranties we could add onto our monthly payment and when we said we would just stick with the one that came with the car he said, “So you want to provide zero protection for yourselves?”

I wanted to say, “Um, sir, does it look like we use protection?”  But I didn’t.  You’re welcome, Andrew.

The same guy at one point said, “Heather you don’t miss much, do you?”  I’m still trying to figure out what he meant by that.

And just like that we were the proud owners of a new Honda Civic.  I say just like that, but it really did take forever.

ain't she a beaut?

The ugly crying recommenced as we drove off the lot and I turned around and saw the ol’ Explorer sitting there surrounded by brand new, shiny cars.  I’m talking tears coming off my chin and waterfalling onto my heaving, pregnant breasts.  Andrew said it reminded him of our wedding, where I did the exact same thing as we drove away from the reception.  Ah, change.  What a booger.

going for a drive, old people style

Change really is a difficult thing, even something as simple as trading in an old car for a new one.  It is hard not to get sappy about it, you know?  To have memories of the old-whatever go through your mind like a slide show.  I even have a hard time dropping off old clothes at Goodwill.  I just have to do it really fast without thinking much about it at all.

But sometimes change is oh-so-very necessary.  It means growth, a new phase, a new chapter in your book.

Sometimes you just have to leave the Explorer in the rear-view mirror and look straight ahead, out the crystal clear new windshield and onto what lies ahead, knowing that at least now you’ll get there without having to worry about breaking down.



13 thoughts on “riding in cars with boys

  1. Katie says:

    This sounds identical to our Wednesday! Haha I said goodbye to my fist car only days before drew did. It is sad. I too grew up in my car and cried like a child, 10 years driving one car is alot. A car payment, our own insurance and a tight budget later we are the proud owners of a 2011 jeep liberty.

  2. Sarah says:

    glad you found a new-to-you car! we’ve been through the same thing, many times, and it SO SUCKS being an adult sometimes! I wish I could just run back to my parents and let them take care of everything. And when you said it was rather baloney it reminded me of Catcher in the Rye. Good ol Holden keeping it real, yo!

  3. We’re going the same thing now! My car needs a new rack and pinion and new radiator (upwards of $3000 to fix) and my car is worth $1000 in excellent condition (and it’s NOT in excellent condition)…but we’re taking a lot longer than a day to get ours (which is SO FRUSTRATING). Just think of how much you’re going to save on gas! Just in time for the prices to start skyrocketing 🙂 And you’ll be able to keep this car a LOT longer than that explorer. You should be able to put nearly 300,000 miles on it (if you keep it that long).

  4. Hannah J. says:

    I still just can’t believe you are pregnant.

  5. Katy Jane says:

    I got teary-eyed because I know that attachment to a vehicle. I know I’ll freak out one day when I have to get a new vehicle. I’ve had mine since I was 16. Her windshield wipers may be stuck in the up position the paint may be peeling, the antifreeze chamber may be leaking, and the gas gauge may not work, but she’s mine. It’s like an old worn out teddy bear that you drag along everywhere.

  6. ohbygolly says:

    Hearing stories like this make me miss you and they also confirm that I am NOT a sentimental person at all when it comes to my things. Maybe I should have done a baby book, or should have cried at my wedding, or not danced a jig when I traded in my old car. Can you work on being sentimental? hmm…possibly.

  7. […] pretty sure this isn’t what Andrew had in mind when we bought the car two months before Parker was […]

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