fire and finances


March 13, 2012 by Heather

Most of yesterday was spent doing this:

I realize how awkward this photo looks.

I had the worst headache all freaking day long.  It was almost debilitating, which is how I ended up in this attractive crotch pillow position for the second time in one day.  I was sitting on the couch, trying to make a grocery list, and somehow ended up horizontal.  I remained that way for almost 3 hours.

Today is looking much brighter:

More awkwardness. Funky bed bangs, pimple cream, no bra. Just keeping it real.

Thank the good Lord for tylenol and coffee, am I right?  And Kelly Ripa and coral colored nail polish and a long talk with the sister.  Natural healers, I tell you.

Onward, Christian soldiers.

So, a very near and dear friend has lent me the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”  I have kind of figured out the whole pregnancy thing, for the most part, so after skimming over what these final weeks of it will consist of I decided to read about labor and delivery.  The book breaks it down into all these stages, then breaks the stages down into phases, and so on and so forth.  It is all so terrifying.  It wasn’t that bad until this morning when it referred to the vagina as “the ring of fire.”  THE RING OF FIRE.  All I could think about was Johnny Cash falling into my vagina.  I’m not sure how much more of this chapter I’ll be able to handle.  Might better skip on over to postpartum.

Remember in this post where I said I would not blog about financial issues?  Well, rules are made to be broken.  Especially when you are the one who made the rule.  Then it’s, like, supposed to be broken.  Anyone who has ever sworn off chocolate for a month knows that.  Duh.

Let’s face it, being on a budget is not a lot of fun.  I mean, it’s right up there with things like buying pads or wearing a bikini.

Adding something like a car payment or a new student loan payment to that budget is like having to wear the pad or jogging in the bikini.

Oh, and you’re about to have a little baby to factor into that budget.  Now you’re wearing the pad with the bikini, while jogging.  And the pad has those giant folding sticky wings that are hanging out of your bikini bottoms.  Not so cool.

It’s times like these that test a variety of things.  Your marriage, your frugalness, your faith, your creativity.. just to name a few.  And it kind of sucks, it really does.  When you look at the numbers on paper it freaks you out.

BUT.  And this is a big giant but.

It also makes you take a step back and look at how much you DO have, if you can shift your perspective to look at things that way.  It’s not easy, and it doesn’t happen right away.  But once you do… once you count your blessings and see how much God has already provided and how He promises to always do so… it’s not all that sucky.  Ok, maybe it is, but it does make things feel a little better.

Now, if anyone knows of a job-like thing that makes a bit of moolah that a very pregnant/breastfeeding mother can do, please send it my way.  No independent sales though.  See the same post as mentioned above.  It should also be noted that I have a Masters degree in Personality, if that helps at all.




4 thoughts on “fire and finances

  1. We’re taking Financial Peace University (by Dave Ramsey) at our church and it’s awesome! It’s all available online with some other free resources ( Look into it because it’s helped Chris and I out TREMENDOUSLY!

  2. Sarah says:

    omg. you KILL me with the images you put into my head! winged pads and a bikini?! DEAD.

    now, onto a book like”what to expect”…you should read something better like “your best birth”. wayyyyy more realistic and encouraging.

  3. Hannah J. says:


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