more cushion for the pushin’


March 19, 2012 by Heather

This is a post about pregnancy weight gain.

Hi, my name is Heather, and by my next doctor’s appointment in less than two weeks I will (more than likely) have gained the maximum recommended amount of weight for my pregnancy – 35 lbs.  That’s just basing it on how I’ve been gaining weight in the third trimester.  Like it’s going out of style, I tell you.  Like it’s on sale and I don’t want anyone else to have any.  Oh, and I will still have 6 weeks left to go.

It is just so weird, this whole gaining weight thing.

I can’t speak for women as a whole, but I feel like most of us try to not gain weight as much as possible, under normal circumstances.  Am I right?  So seeing the scale say (insert scary number here) is kind of a shock when you are used to seeing (insert less scary number here).  Especially when you are used to actively trying not to gain weight.

Let’s just be honest… it kind of makes ya feel fat until you realize what your body is actually doing with all that weight.  I’m growing a freaking human being for crying out loud.  A whole, complete other person is being miraculously formed inside of my body.  Not only does this child need nutrients (read:  weight gain) from me, but I also need it in order to carry him around for nine months and then push him out of me.

The fact that my thighs have practically doubled in size and have new lumps on the upper portions?  That is for holding me and this baby upright, for walking us around and getting us from place to place.  My former legs would buckle under the pressure.

My butt.. oh dear, my butt.  Poor ol’ butt.  No number of squats could have kept it from drooping just a little bit.  I think it is just sad that my belly sticks out further than it once did.  Don’t worry, butt.  You’ll be back where you belong soon.  For now, my precious fanny, keep doing what you’re doing.  You’re balancing me out here.

My new layer of squishy back fat that Andrew “plays” with while “giving me a back rub?”  It’s helping to balance out what is happening on the front part of my torso.  If there wasn’t some extra stuff back there, the weight of this 4.5 pound baby in my belly would put even more strain on my back than it already is.

The fact that my jaw line is slowly disappearing… yeah…. not sure what great and awesome purpose that is serving.

My arms – while they have retained quite a bit of muscle definition, they have a new jiggle about them these days.  I have a feeling that will all melt away as I hold my little boy and pick him up and put him down and carry his car seat around.

I’ve been told that when going through the process of labor you want to have weight on you.  More cushion for the pushin’, if you will.  You want your hips and back and the rest of your body to be able to handle what is happening, because from what I hear and read it is pretty brutal.

Plus, I want this baby boy to be one healthy chunk of love.  At our doctor’s appointment on Friday they commented on how there is a very good amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him, which is a good thing.  I like to think it’s partly from my occasional 2:00am bowl of cereal.

Now is not the time to limit myself, food wise.  Now is the time to keep eating what I’m eating – apples, bananas, oranges, yogurt, whole wheat bread, crackers, cheese, cereal, milk, beef, chicken, pasta, veggies.  Oh and of course ice cream.  And Sprite.  Ok and maybe pizza.  Definitely pizza.

I will also keep going on a walk everyday and doing my arm weights.  A body in motion stays in motion!

After I recover from bringing this baby into the world, I am beyond excited to get back out there and start running again.  Breastfeeding + Running + Jillian Michaels dvds = bye bye, pregnancy weight gain.

Being pregnant has been so liberating, in every way possible.  Mentally, emotionally, physically.  It changes who you are, I think, for the better.  And then the baby gets here and you are changed even more.  It is a crazy, wonderful thing.

And it’s worth every ounce.



2 thoughts on “more cushion for the pushin’

  1. Just remember…pretty much any weight you gain at this point is going to be excess fluid which will all go away completely on it’s own about a couple weeks after baby boy is born. So don’t let the scale freak you out because you’re still doing it right. I gained 50 with my son…40 in my first trimester…that’s NOT the way to do it lol. You look AMAZING by the way!

  2. Sarah says:

    I wrote a very similar post when I was prego but I was wayyyy more whiny then you are so, kudos to you! lol I gained all my weight in the last tri also, and wowza! You are looking beautiful and doing very healthy things for your little man. Keep on keeping on girly!

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