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March 20, 2012 by Heather

Raise your hand if you had a mega crush on Prince William when you were a budding adolescent.  *Raises both hands in the air*  I remember when he turned 16 and took his driving test and I saw some pictures in a magazine of it and noticed he was driving a Ford Focus, and so of course that became my new dream car.  What is really interesting is that I honestly thought that if I managed to just get myself over to England that he would see me through the palace gates and come running and be all like, “Ooooh how I’ve waited for you, young and naive American preteen.”

Also, remember when William was the cute one and Harry was soooo awkward looking?  My how times have changed.  William, sadly, is taking the path looks-wise of dear old Prince Charles.  And Harry, well, let’s just be honest.  Who knew that red hair of his could turn out to be a good thing?  And he finally grew into those ears, bless his heart.

William had to marry eventually.  He’s got family obligations to attend to, after all.  And I figure most of those are a lot more fun with a pretty pretty princess by your side, topped with some sort of ridiculous hat.  Who better to fulfill that role than Kate?  Girlfriend can rock a hat.



Isn’t she just lovely?  And I say that in my most rehearsed British accent, of course.

I was one of the crazies who set her alarm at 3:00am last year on April 29th to get up, make some coffee, and watch the royal wedding online.  I mean I watched all of it, the arrivals, the actual ceremony, the recessional and arrival at the palace.  It was so magical, was it not?  And what a gorgeous bride!



I thought it was so neat when I read that she took hair and makeup lessons so she could do her own stuff on her wedding day.

Anytime I see footage or an interview with Princess Kate, I am just amazed at her poise.  She speaks slowly and with great care, and she seems so put together all the time.  I’m sure she has staff and such that help her with all of that, but still.  It can’t be an easy task.

A few of my favorite Kate moments:



Wearing a Diane Von Furstenberg dress at a dinner party in Los Angeles last July. The tabloids went on and on about how she had just recently worn the same dress to a relative’s rehearsal dinner. What a great color!


Just getting some groceries.


Playing some field hockey in cool jeans.

I think it is really hilarious how, as mentioned above, tabloids and magazines make a huge deal out of her wearing certain outfits multiple times.  When she & ol’ Will traveled to North America last summer and she wore the same pair of jeans like 3 or 4 times in a row it was big news.  I mean BIG.  I wanted to be like, umm.. that’s just normal.  It’s a pain doing laundry while traveling, and it takes a couple of wears to get skinny jeans fitting comfortably, am I right?  Kate obviously knows these things.  Which is why we should totes be BFF.

So of course I thought it was totally neato when she wore one of her mother’s dresses to give a speech at a children’s hospital.  Her speech was a little slow, and she appears sort of nervous, but she is still so princess-like.  Regal, if you will.

She is the kind of person I would love to sit down with and hear her say something mean, you know?  But that’s just the way my warped brain works.

And a Happy Tuesday to us all.  I feel like I should say something British, like Cheerio!  Is that British?




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