my baby does the hanky panky


March 21, 2012 by Heather

All day I’ve had that older song in my head that goes, “do it to me one more time, once is never enough, with a girl like yoooou.”  I think it’s from the 80’s maybe?  And I don’t even know if those are the right lyrics, but that is what is in my head for no reason at all.  And I also am not sure what the singer is referring to.  I just want it to go away.

I’ve been craving chocolate cake for three weeks.  And not just any chocolate cake – chocolate cake from a box.  Sometimes you just can’t beat Betty Crocker.  So last night when a beautifully frosted chocolate cake appeared on our counter, I told Andrew that Mayfield made it while I was in the back doing things like eating carrots and broccoli.  He then asked if I was going to blame things like that on our son when he gets here.  You’re darn right I am.  Ugh, what is that smell??  “Ooooh, little man must need a diaper change.”  Boring party or awkward social situation?  “Sorry, but he is just really fussy and not feeling well, we better go.”  You know people do that all the time.

Moral of the story, I had my cake and I ate it too.  A couple of slices, actually.  And I fully intend to have at least one more piece before today is over.

I really need to go wash my face.


A few weeks ago my dear friend Katie took a few belly photos of me.  It was fun and they turned out really good.  Little did I know she was going to turn them into a fancy book for me… man I have fabulous friends.

I’m not posting them on facebook or anything, I mainly just wanted them done for myself to have for years to come.  Buuut, here are a few of my favorites:


sitting pretty


my lumps


feeeeed meeee (an outtake)


the babymakers



We, the babymakers, are leaving tomorrow for a long weekend getaway.  A babymoon, if you will.  Blogging may or may not be on the agenda, who knows.





4 thoughts on “my baby does the hanky panky

  1. Jennifer H says:

    Um…I totally use the Bear as a way to get out of stuff. Particularly leaving early from things. Although sometimes it’s true and it’s not always when I want to leave early. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

  2. Tracy H says:

    Captain and Tenille…..”once is never enough with a man like you”…..and I’m sure not much imagination is needed to get what the song is talking about

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