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March 28, 2012 by Heather

…this decaf coffee does not have caffeine in it.

…I have a sleepy headache.

…Nicholas Cage is on a rerun (blah) of Live with Kelly this morning, and he seems like a real douche.

…Jessica Biel is also on the rerun, and she seems really really cool.  Which means I can no longer secretly despise her for her crazy good looks.  I mean, she’s talking about how she loves frozen fish sticks.  We could be friends.

…I dreamed that Andrew and I were dating and he broke up with me, and also in that same day the cheerleaders unanimously voted me off the cheer squad, and also my mother-in-law really disliked me.  And then, in my dream, I went to Target and bought a new bra.

…Today I have to mail two rent checks.  One for our duplex here, and one to finish out the lease-break payment plan at our apartment in Colorado.  Dang it.

…The pores on my nose are so clogged but if I use a pore strip I’m afraid the whole top layer of my skin will come off due to the mild sunburn peeling that is happening on it.

…I’ve been constipated for a couple of days and apparently today it has all decided to release itself.  Should be a fun one.

…I cannot make myself like this warm weather.

…Laundry and dishes don’t do themselves.

…I want some ice cold Coca Cola reeeaal bad.

…Local commercials really suck.

…and I must paint my toenails today, which means scrunching up my knees for an extended period of time, which means figuring out how to scrunch them up and around my burgeoning belly beach ball.  Ah, alliteration.  Now, someone come paint my toenails.

Here are some fun things to make today, well, funner.  Happy Humpday one and all.


Great book. Oh, and movie.


My favorites.


You're welcome, son.




Why can't my dreams be like this?


Love some Mary Oliver.


Such a great movie.




I'd like to read this.


Don't you want to eat her up? (my niece, Harper)


Like my mother always says...

All images, besides personal ones, are from Pinterest.


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