34 weeks


March 30, 2012 by Heather

Also known as one of the best and most painful weeks of pregnancy yet.  We went on a short but sweet (and sunny!) babymoon to Gulf Shores and had a lovely time, even though we both turned into strips of bacon.  Pork, not turkey.

Things felt this week:

Swollen feet:  At first I was convinced it was from the sunburn.  Then I thought it was from being in the car for a while.  Then a few days passed and the sunburn slowly faded and my ankles were still quite plump.  Hmm.  At least now they are a tan plump.  (And yes, I had my blood pressure checked and it is totally normal).

PULL OVER NOW OR I’M GOING TO RUIN THIS NEW CAR UPHOLSTERY:  I spend most of my time urinating these days.  It comes on fast and strong, let me tell you.  I’ll run to the bathroom thinking it is going to be like the Nile coming out and it’s just a tiny trickle.  How does that happen?

Emotional:  I ugly cried into my beans and cornbread at Lambert’s while we were on our trip.  I tried to hold it in, I really did.  But it all came out, and when Andrew asked what was the matter I blubbered out something like, “This (sob) is our (sob sob) last (sob) trip we’ll ever take (sob) by ourselves (sob sob sob sob sob).”  I’m sure it was confusing to those around us.

Like I want to wear false eyelashes:  What?  I didn’t say these were all going to be pregnancy related.

Overwhelmed:  Oh Lordy where to begin.  I think it is mostly about the actual act of giving birth.  Believe it or not, I’m not overwhelmed by the thought of having a baby to take care of.  It’s the getting him out of me that has me feeling stressed.  When is it going to happen?  What all should I take to the hospital?  Who should be allowed in the room?  Should I make a birthing playlist?  Oh gosh what if I poop on the table?  What if my vagina explodes?  Will I even be able to have a vaginal delivery or will it be a C-section?

I’ve decided, after much thought, that a C-section scares me more than the other kind.  I recently read that they strap your arms and legs down to the table in order to do the surgery.  I cannot even handle that.  CANNOT handle it.  It keeps me up at night just thinking about it.  The slicing into my abdomen, ok, that’s fine.  But please don’t strap me down to a table.  I will freak out so much that you’ll wish you’d never became a nurse.

I’ve also felt very sentimental about pregnancy this week.  Andrew told me last night that he thinks I have really relished being pregnant, and he is right.  It has been so incredibly special – one of the most special things I’ve experienced.  Honestly, probably THE most special thing.  Now I know what women mean when they say, “You can’t understand it until you’re going through it yourself.”  It is truly amazing.  I always thought I’d be super creeped out by having a human growing and moving around inside of me.  It kind of reminded me of the little pickled and jarred animals in Mr. Reinhart’s biology classroom.  Well.  It’s totally not creepy, just so you know.

We have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, where they will probably tell me I’ve gained four hundred and twenty seven pounds in the past two weeks.

And I won’t even care, because another weird thing that comes with pregnancy is how little you care about weight gain as long as the little person inside of you is a-ok.

beachy babymoon

….this post is dedicated in loving memory to Oliver Lendol Jackson, who went to be with Jesus on this day 9 years ago.  Grandpa, I miss you so much.  Thank you for the memories and for the best barbeque sauce I’ve ever tasted.  I love you.


8 thoughts on “34 weeks

  1. Sarah says:

    check your emailz. ;P

  2. As far as I know none of the hospitals here strap you down. It varies hospital to hospital and even doctor to doctor. Ask your doctor to go through step by step how she would perform a c-section, that will help with your anxiety. They didn’t strap me down when I had my cesarean…however because of the blood pressure cuff on one arm and the iv in the other you’ll feel like you don’t wanna move your arms. I’d also be more than happy to share my experience if you ever want to know. Mine was a spur of the moment one (little bugger flipped 2 days before induction) so I know the “OMG! They’re going to cut me open!” anxiety (and trust me it wasn’t bad at all). The feet swelling thing happened out of nowhere for me to. We went to Walmart one night and I came home and looked down and FREAKED because my feet hadn’t been swollen at all and suddenly I had cankles. Also, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor ANYTHING about the giving birth process…it’ll help you go in feeling a little let anxious (don’t be afraid to sound stupid/ignorant, that’s what kept me from asking questions). Ask her about positions, epidurals, episiotomies (if she ever gives them or has or whatever), what will happen with the baby after he comes out, what will happen with you after he’s out, just every little nasty detail. It will put your mind at ease…or at least the little, the hormones will still take reign for a while.

  3. Robin says:

    Loved your grandpa! I remember him teaching me the watermelon song!

    I’m an eater, a watermelon eater. There’s no better eater than I I I !
    I will take a bite and squish it just right and how the seeds will fly, high, high!
    Oh I’m an eater, a watermelon eater, there’s no better eater than I I I !
    You take a bite, squish it just right and watch the seeds fly high!
    (or at least that’s how I remember it from the summer of 1990!)

    • Now THAT is impressive! He always knew the funniest songs haha. What a good memory 🙂

      • Robin says:

        For some reason, I think he wrote that song! Ask your mom, she may know! Here’s a little story about her… I remember her dressing up as a clown for an event in the SMC and telling everybody her name was Dotty the clown, cracked me up!

      • Robin says:

        Story about your grandma, not mom. No pregnancy hormones for me to blame my fried brain on! Just working in a Junior High is all I’ve got!

  4. Hannah J. says:

    Oh, you’ll be fine. As terrifying as it is, once the time comes you somehow suddenly have all the bravery in the world because you know that you have to. Does that make sense? And the thing that helped me a lot was the fact that women do it every single day. Also, I will totally pull him out of you if you want. Just a suggestion.

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