putting down roots


April 10, 2012 by Heather

I had a thought a few days ago about how I haven’t had the urge to do any crazy nesting.  You hear stories about pregnant women who will wake up at night and organize closets like a crazy person, or want to rearrange the whole house, or scrub the baseboards and ceiling fans with a toothbrush.

Then I remembered that we packed up and moved and unpacked it all three months ago.  I think I’m all nested out.

I have, however, had the urge to plant stuff.  To dig in the dirt.  To cultivate my garden.  Well, the garden that we rent.  I guess it’s not technically mine.  I’ve been wanting to use my green thumb.  And by green thumb I mean that my gardening gloves are green.  That’s about it.

How to put down roots:

Gather your goods: assorted flowers and herbs. Watering can. Iced raspberry tea.

I planted some basil, lavender, verbena, pansies, and petunias.  I like to pronounce it “BAAAH-zul,” by the way.

Also, and this is very important, you must have the proper gardening outfit.

As a top notch gardener, I use only the finest digging tools.

You may also want to have a trusty assistant. It helps to have one who is willing to fertilize your flower bed a few times a day.

Can you spot the, ahem, fertilizer? (hint: it's standing straight up)

Pull out all those pesky weeds, and make sure you grab them at the very bottom so that you can better remove its roots.

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A WEED LIKE THIS? See those horrid thorns?? Oh my word. You cannot pull this out, it must be dug out. Be careful.

And I don’t have a picture of this, but you’ll want to use one of those pronged garden tools to work up the dirt before you put your plants in the ground.  Dig a hole the depth of the plant, put it in, and tightly pack the dirt around it.  Give it a little sprinkle-tinkle from your watering can, and BAM, flower garden.

Some more experienced gardeners might tell you to work some potting soil into the flower bed.  I say, no thanks.  I feel weird spending money on dirt that I’m going to combine with other dirt.  You know?  If it’s going in a container of some sort, that is ok.  But as long as the dirt in the ground looks pretty ok, I say make it work.

Just a fat kid playing in the dirt.

Only the most dedicated gardeners work late into the night, finishing their projects by porch light. That rhymes.

Good morning, little flower!

Soak up those rays!

I keep looking outside to see if they have grown any since last night.  Then I remembered that saying – a watched pot never boils.  I suppose the same goes for a watched flower.

Happy Tuesday, rosebuds.


6 thoughts on “putting down roots

  1. Sarah says:

    I like that you’re nesting and planting flowers. I nested while pregnant and the night I went into labor, I just thought I better clean the house, just in case. It was 1130pm. 😉

  2. Matthew J. says:

    It’s true… A watched flower never boils either.

  3. Lindsay says:

    So my cousin Haley Wilhite told me to look at your blog :). You are hilarious. Love the fat kid playing in the dirt picture!

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