36 weeks


April 13, 2012 by Heather

The countdown is on… one month to go.  Yikes.

Just holding up the ol' belly.

The latest and greatest:

  • We had a doctor appointment today, and will now be going once every week.  Today they checked me for something called Group B Strep (not a sore throat, trust me), and then continued to feel around in my business to see whether or not any dilation had taken place.  It had not, which is good.  He can stay in there and fatten up.  I think I have enough patience to last a couple more weeks.  After that, you’ll see me out mowing yards and hand washing cars trying to work up some contractions.
  • I have gained 36 big ones.  Thirty-six pounds in thirty-six weeks.  I’m on a roll.
  • Speaking of weight gain, my dear sweet husband knows just how to make me still feel in shape and petite.  He told me that yesterday he was looking at some photos of when we first moved to Colorado and he could tell that my current face isn’t quite as defined or, to use his word, as “cut” as it once was.  After I glared at him for a minute or so he then proceeded to puff out his cheeks like a chipmunk.  What a turd.
  • I AM SO TIRED.  I think I have taken a nap just about every day this week.
  • My belly feels really heavy.  He hasn’t “dropped” yet, but it sure feels like he is getting there.  When I wake up in the night to use the bathroom, as soon as I stand up it feels like I need to put my hands under my tummy to support the weight – almost like it’s going to just drop off my body.  Now wouldn’t that be creepy.
  • Is it possible for my boobs to be shrinking?  It seemed like they were really ballooning there for a while, and now it’s like they have decided to go back to ol’ regular raisin sized boobies.  It could have something to do with the fact that my stomach has just gotten so much bigger… I don’t know.  I miss the ballooning.  That was a fun time.
  • Much to Andrew’s amusement, I have begun to implement soothing techniques such as patting my stomach whenever little guy is moving around.  For some reason I feel like the slow rhythm of it makes him feel comforted, and so maybe (just MAYBE, Andrew) after he is born and gets fussy I’ll pat his back or sweet baby buns in the same way and he will think, “This is totally like it was in Mom’s warm and toasty womb.  I’m going to chill out right this instant because this is so soothing.  Mom rules.”
  • The father of my child came home from work one day this week and proudly informed me that if we happened to be stranded somewhere and I went into labor that he had watched a video online about how to deliver a baby outside of a hospital.  Something about boiling scissors….  Needless to say, I will be remaining in very close proximity to a hospital at all times from here on out.  Not that I don’t think he would do an amazing job, because I know he totally would.
  • In the final month of pregnancy my hair has finally decided to get a little thicker.  From what I’ve heard though, a lot of it will fall out after the baby is born due to jacked up hormones.  I’ll enjoy it while I can.
  • I still can’t believe I’m pregnant, let alone that we are going to have an actual human baby to care for.  You’d think at least the belief in the pregnancy would have kicked in by now.

Mayfield is excited about little brudder.


And a big fat happy weekend to all.

….R.M.S. Titanic, may you continue to rest in peace.  Little piece of trivia for you:  What does the R.M.S. stand for?

answer:  Royal Mail Ship

2 thoughts on “36 weeks

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Aw, you look so good. So beautiful and motherly (that’s a compliment, btw)

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