37 weeks


April 20, 2012 by Heather

Also known as, “The First Trimester All Over Again In Regards To Food and Sleep.”  Whew, that would’ve been a long title.

ALSO known as, “That One Time When I Gained Four Pounds in One Week, Dang.”

Early on in my pregnancy I set a little personal goal in the secret caves of my brain – a certain number that I did not really want to exceed in my pregnancy weight gain.  (I know, it’s all about a healthy baby and all that.  But still, y’all.)  The recommended weight gain range for a gal my size is 25-35 pounds.  My secret number was 40.  See?  I gave myself 5 extra pounds for things such as french fries and brownies and late night cereal bowls.  How very generous of me.

As of today, and according to the scales at my doctor’s office, I’m packing an extra 40 lbs.

I will say this though:  After the appointment, I re-weighed myself and it said I was one pound less than what the nurse came up with.  Also, I immediately came home and took part in my morning coffee induced #2 ritual, which surely must have knocked me down about 10 pounds or so.  Just sayin’.

Our doctor appointment this morning went well.  Still no dilation, which was a little bit of a bummer.  Thirty-seven weeks is considered full term, so I am ready for this baby to make his grand appearance.  Plus this mama’s dangerously close to being way over her secret weight number, so come on son.  Help a mama out.

He is measuring exactly right though, so that is wonderful.  Especially since they’ve been wondering this whole time about whether something is wrong with the umbilical cord or not… which would have severely affected his growth.  Little boy seems to be doing just fine.  Praise the Lord for that!  Wow that sounded churchy.  But I mean it.

Because of my “rapid weight gain” (their words, not mine), my nurse told me to take it easy and watch for any other signs of preeclampsia, yikes.  I haven’t had any other symptoms, so I’m not too worried.  But then the nurse turned around and said since I’m full term I can be out and about and trying to work myself into labor.  I figure I’ll do a good mix of chilling and speed walking as long as it feels ok.  The symptoms of preeclampsia are pretty obvious, from what I’ve heard and read.

This week I ate an entire box of Frosted Flakes in two days.  (rapid weight gain, anyone?)

I dreamed about fried chicken.

I also dreamed that I was laying down, feeling him kick and watching my stomach move around when all of a sudden a shape that looked just like a windshield wiper blade jutted out from inside my belly.  I told someone about it (in my dream) and they said, “He just has big elbows.”

While we were out for a walk with Mayfield one evening this week, we walked through the little league park next to our apartment & Andrew overheard a woman say, “She’s about to pop!”  PAHAHAHAHAAA.  You know, you say those things about women and don’t think anything about it.  But when you’re the one they’re saying it about, it’s just hilarious.  I laughed so hard I threw myself into a coughing fit like an old man.

We got a lot accomplished this week in regards to getting ready for our new person to join us.  Mayfield got groomed, I got a hair cut, I washed and organized all of little man’s clothes.  Our church back home threw us a really nice baby shower where we got all kinds of goodies.  We used some gift cards and got a crib mattress, a diaper genie, and one of those backpack looking baby carriers.  Gonna install the car seat this weekend.  Need to add a few things to my “hospital bag pile” and finish making my birthing playlist.

We’re pretty much ready.  Come on, dude.  Let’s get this party started.

mayfield has no idea what's coming, or maybe she does - she let me hold her like a baby for about 15 minutes one day this week.


a tender, motherly moment captured before we went to our doctor appointment.


I call this one, "Sexy Pose."

It’s the weekend!  Let’s all get krazy and go to the library or something.



6 thoughts on “37 weeks

  1. ashtonmckenna says:

    If your pregnancy has delivered (no pun intended) such entertaining posts, I can’t wait to see what motherhood brings. I feel like your honesty is much-needed in the mommy blogging world. 🙂

  2. I had to stop lurking and say that I really love your blog and I have been sitting here giggling about almost every one of your posts.

  3. jami says:

    Your dream cracked me up! Pregnant dreams are the best. I’ve been having one where I just open up a little flap on the top of my belly and lift the baby out, hang out with him for a while and then just put him back in cuz he still needs to bake a bit longer. Crazy stuff!

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