what i’m packin


April 26, 2012 by Heather

Andrew has been telling me for sometime now that I should do a blog post about what is in my purse.  He thinks it’s so strange how it is always so heavy and full of random crap.  Anytime I ask him to hold my purse he says, “OH MY GOSH WHAT IS IN HERE?  BRICKS?”  Yes, dear.  That’s exactly right.  I keep bricks in my purse to throw at people who bother me.

This is a post very similar to this one, where I’m doing it because I love it when other people do it.  Like in magazines where they show what is in a celebrity’s purse.  Look, I know that stuff is probably completely made up, but still.  It’s fascinating.  That said, what is in my bag is totally boring.  I briefly considered tossing in some things to make it more interesting… but that’s not very real, now is it?  And like J-Lo, I’m real.  Ugh, I just remembered that I don’t like J-Lo.

Enjoy.  Or don’t, whatever you want.


Prime Purse Position.


No wonder I can never find anything in there.


The contents (not pictured: camera and phone)


Trusty notepad for recording observations, thoughts, and grocery lists. Also, three pens.


Mini water bottle, gums, mints for my husband who hates gum.


Terrible photo, but a fortune I got a few weeks ago that I think is referring to new motherhood: "Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest."


My wallet where I keep all my cold hard cash, and a bunch of loose change that was floating around. I'M RIIIIICH!!! (also, on the day of getting my new driver's license, a side pony seemed like a good idea at the time. not so much.)


Band aids, hand sanitizer, lotion, tylenol & vitamins, mini nail clippers, hair ties & clippy.


TAMPONS. Haven't needed these for the past nine months... but you never know when someone else might!


My old man comb and Hannah's bracelet she left at my house.


Two lighters. Interesting. I'm guessing they got tossed in my purse while we were moving.


An old tube of concealer and five lipglosses. Actually, eight. The Cargo one has four in there. Come see me for all your lip beautifying needs.


Camera charger and mirror.


What is this, you ask? This, people, is a flip phone. Remember these? Don't be jealous. It gets the job done.


Oh yeah, and all this trash.

Tune in tomorrow for yet another riveting pregnancy update.


creepy creep time


4 thoughts on “what i’m packin

  1. Robin says:

    love the post! I may steal the idea for my blog!

  2. Hannah J. says:

    I laughed about 63 1/2 times reading this. Yes, 63 1/2. The half refers to the subtle “huhh” chuckle I did when reading that Andrew hates gum. Matt always says it makes his stomach hurt…?

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