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April 28, 2012 by Heather

Hannah called me yesterday and the conversation went like this:

Me, answering:  “Gosh, what do you want again.”
Hannah:  “Do you realize that you are due in TWO WEEKS?”

Leave it to Captain Obvious to further freak me out about giving birth.  Actually, in recent days, I’ve noticed that my stress level about the birthing process has made a sharp decline.  So that is positive… since I don’t really have much of a choice in the matter and all.  He’s coming out whether I think I can do it or not.  For some reason I want to quote Field of Dreams right here.  “If you build it, he will come.”  But it doesn’t really make much sense in this context, and I’m pretty certain that is not how the actual quote goes.

This week has not been all that pleasant in pregnantville.  Andrew had a nasty cold during the first part of the week, and then it drifted over to me around Wednesday.  Being hugely, uncomfortably pregnant AND having a cold just is not much fun at all.  It’s miserable.  I only just discovered yesterday that I can take Tylenol Cold, so that made for a much better night’s sleep.  Oh and Andrew brought me flowers.  Bright pink flowers can make any cold seem a little more, well, warm.  🙂

So.  THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS.  Holy mother of pearl.  Time is drawing nigh.  I can feel it in the depths of my pelvis.  I mean that literally – my pelvis hurts.  Does the word “pelvis” make anyone else think of a giant seashell?  Well, my giant crotch seashell feels like a big bowling ball is sitting on top of it with no plans to move anytime soon.  And, to make matters even more fun, the bowling ball can move around and kick.  I woke up a few mornings this week feeling like someone had taken a jackhammer to my pelvis bone.  When I told my mother-in-law that, she said, “I hate it when that happens.”  Ha.

I tried a pillow under my hips for the first time last night and it really helped with the ol’ pelv.

We had another doctor appointment yesterday, a rather uneventful one I might add.  We went in hoping for some sort of tiny dilation, effacement, something.  Nada.  I had not gained any weight though, which was the first time that’s happened.  Wasn’t expecting that, especially after casually chomping my way through a box of Fruity Pebbles in two days this week.. usually around three in the morning.

I told the nurse about my pelvis pain and she said that is a good sign, that maybe he is about to drop.  Can’t imagine how wonderful that will feel.  She said everything down there is widening to make room for labor.  If the generous spread of my thighs and hips are any indication of said widening, this labor thing will be a breeze.  He’ll just pop right out.  You betcha…

A lady at Wal-Mart last night was asking when I’m due, what I’m having, etc.  She informed me that I’ll go into labor when I least expect it.  The control freak in me refuses to believe such a preposterous statement.

Apparently little fella likes it in there… which, in all honesty, is just fine.  I don’t want him to come until he’s good and ready.  According to Baby Center, he now weighs around 6.8 lbs and is 19 1/2 inches long.  Everything is as developed as it will get, he is just packing on some poundage from here on out.  By this week, he is able to grasp pretty firmly.  Can’t wait to hold hands with my little boy.  Don’t tell him I said that when he is, oh, nine years old.  Might gross him out.


Craving this week: avocado, egg, & cheese sandwich. YUM.


My sweet new trick.


Look at that! A full blown shelf.


SNACKS: a vital part of any drive that lasts more than 10 minutes. This doesn't necessarily apply to only pregnant women.



And yes, I wore that exact same thing to the doctor last week.  I’m running out of shirts here, people.  These are not times for fashion statements.  These are times where I’m doing good to have on pants and a bra.  Add some makeup and shaved legs and I am a dang superstar.  It’s the little things.

Hope the weekend is treating you kindly.


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