40 weeks


May 12, 2012 by Heather

Good morning, due date.


Good morning, baby daddy. And a yawning Mayfield.


scones, coffee, & netflix


Rainy Saturday… good day for a baby to come, don’t you think?


I’m running a little late, as usual.

May 12, the day we’ve been waiting for, counting down to, and excitedly sharing with others, is here.  It’s a weird feeling.  Very anti-climatic.  Just another day, another square on the calendar.  My sister texted me “Happy Due Date!” and asked if I thought I’d make it to this day, and I said that yes, I thought I’d make it to this day – but with a baby in my arms instead of my uterus!  I’m sure most pregnant women who go beyond the 40-week mark feel the same way.

At our appointment yesterday we heard the saaaaaaame thing we’ve been hearing for the past few weeks.  No dilation, he hasn’t dropped but his head is still down (good), your cervix is a tiny bit softer but that is about it.  Great, neato.  So now what?

I should really come up with a more attractive “still-not-dilated” face.


We waited for an hour in the little room before our nurse came in. Andrew used this time to explain to me about my three holes “down there,” and what happens when the baby comes out. Thanks, honey.

The nurse said that sometimes women’s bodies just won’t go into labor on their own.  The thought of carrying this baby past 41 weeks is somewhat risky and makes me very nervous, so we went ahead and scheduled a date to be induced next weekend if nothing should happen between now and then.

If you’ve talked to me at all about giving birth, you know that being induced is something I have been pretty against from the get-go.  It bothers me – the idea of a “chemical labor,” as I’ve affectionately labeled it.  In fact, a lot of my birth plan consists of how I really don’t want any labor augmentation as much as possible.  I guess this is an example of God laughing at my plans, huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for some medicine, and I am very pro-epidural.  I just really wanted the labor itself to happen naturally.  However, I would much rather be induced than have a c-section.  And yes, I am aware that many times induction can lead to a c-section, but we’ll cross that bridge if it gets here.

All I really want, and all I’ve wanted from the beginning, is for this baby to get out safely.  So whatever that takes, bring it on.  This mama’s ready.


The little guy is now 7 1/2 pounds and about 20 inches long.  I am about a million pounds, but who’s counting.  I feel pretty good to be this far along!  Walking a lot and getting up and down from being seated or in bed is not all that pleasant, but it’s not horrible.  I got a pedicure this week because my DIY paint job was chipping and I could not reach my feet long enough to re-do them.  So now my feet are totally fancy.

Hopefully by this time next week we’ll have a baby here or labor will be in full swing, one of the two.  I am very nervous about the labor part, but I take comfort in knowing that women have been doing this for ages and also I am an extraordinary machine and my body is made for this.  The miracle of life is pretty spectacular.  Plus, with God all things are possible… even being in a scary hospital and pushing a human out of my nether regions while aided by who knows how many drugs.

And when those few things don’t do a good enough job at soothing my nerves, all I have to do is imagine Andrew holding our son for the first time and what his face will look like.  That will be pretty amazing.

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path [even labor and delivery].”  –  Agatha Christie

What an amazing journey this has been…

See you on the flip side, buddy.



2 thoughts on “40 weeks

  1. Jennifer H says:

    I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being induced either. I had a very “natural birth” outlook going in, but being the obstinate child that he is. out little guy decided he didn’t want to come on due date. We had the difficult decision of whether to wait the full 2 weeks post 40 or set a due date. Since we were moving in three weeks we opted to induce. It’s not the ideal way or the most pleasant. I don’t feel like I was able to do any of the great birthing techniques I was prepared with. Rather I spent the day hooked to a machine and almost exclusively confined to my bed. The bear was only 4 days overdue when we induced but I don’t regret evicting that kid for a minute. I’ll pray you miraculously go into labor but if not, just know it’s not the end of the world and either way you get a baby in the end.

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