pictures of the park man


May 21, 2012 by Heather

I am still working up enough brain juice to begin writing about how Parker got here.  I had big plans to type up part one today, but in between two doctor appointments and dripping breast milk everywhere I lost my ambition.  Maybe it leaked out my nipples…?

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the day.  I have strict instructions from everyone around me to take it easy and prop my feet and legs up all day, so it won’t be too difficult.  Well, it shouldn’t be.  But I have this new delicious person in my life who is so much more fun to hold than a laptop.


Hanging with Dad.


Talking with Nana about various things.


Meeting December.


Meeting Mayfield.


Post-bath. Extra fluffy hair.


Tired, but overflowing with crazy love.


I walked in & Andrew said, “This is just the best.”


My most favorite expression he makes.




“I wish Mom would turn on this dang swing.”


This is his brooding & mysterious look.



See?  I told you he was delicious.

Happy Monday.


6 thoughts on “pictures of the park man

  1. Hannah J. says:

    He looks just like you in those last two pics!!!!

  2. I seriously almost had tears in my eyes when I saw the picture of Andrew and little Parker…and the caption you put under it. I just love pictures of Daddy’s and their babies…I get all happy when Justin holds Jude and talks to him. Parker is deliciously cute.

  3. Sarah says:

    SO delicious!! You two make really cute babies! Love all that hair and his little expressions. What a little cherub.

  4. Katie says:

    I think he just may get cuter each day! I must see home soon, especially before we move next week! I love you.

  5. Jackie Cox says:

    Congratulations, Watsons! Parker is adorable! I’ve always knew Andrew would be a marvelous Daddy. Heather, you look ravishing with that “delicious in love” expression. Hope to meet Parker one day soon at church. Nana Susan must show him off to all of us that have followed this baby’s birth. Again, congrats!

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