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June 18, 2012 by Heather

Dear Parker,

This past weekend you turned one month old.  I feel like this is where I should say “Oh my word, I can’t believe it has already been a month, where has all the time gone?”  Because that’s what everyone always says at these moments.  But I’m not going to say that, son.  Even if it might be a little true.  Instead, I’ll say the following:

You light up my life.  I may not have realized it right away, and I may forget it sometimes, but you really really do.  Every little movement and expression you make just amazes me.  I cannot believe you were formed in my belly.  I mean, I do believe it, but my goodness.  You are so intricate and complex that it is just so unfathomable that you could be formed from almost nothing.  I am absolutely dumbfounded whenever I think about it.  It blows my mind.

You look just like your dad.  Whenever he is holding you it is just the neatest thing because it’s like he’s holding his little mini-me.  He is rather proud of his influence on your features.  Whenever I suggest that maybe a certain part of you looks like me, he is quick to say, “Naw, I don’t really think so.”  And he’s probably right.

You do have a flair for the dramatic, which some may say you get from me.  One of my favorite things you do is cough, which is pretty funny because I hate hearing other people cough – it’s a huge pet peeve.  Whenever you swallow down the wrong pipe, you pucker your lips together and fling your head from side to side and cough like a little old man.  Is it bad that I’m constantly hoping you cough?  Probably.

You also have a rather massive appetite.  I hope someday you’ll thank me for how much I’m feeding you right now.  I know it’s gross to hear about mommy’s nipples, but son, you are wearing them out.  I’ve just recently loosened up some and started pumping and giving you a bottle about once a day.  You chug it like you haven’t eaten in weeks, when in fact you probably just ate a few minutes before.  There is talk in our home about supplementing some with formula.  We’ll see.  You tried one bottle of it this weekend and quite liked it.  I personally liked that it allowed me to go to the mall with your Aunt Hannah.  Mommy needed a break.  🙂

Speaking of mommy needing a break – thank you for being so understanding about me having giant case of the crazies for the first month of your life.  I know I’ve already apologized to you for soaking your hair with my tears at 3am, but I really am sorry.  It wasn’t your fault, little man.

You have a few nicknames:  Parker Peach, Parkman, Parks and Recreation, P-man, P-nut, Parkster, and Little Frog.  I always just call you Parker Peach.  I also call you my little friend.

You really like when I sing to you, at least it appears that way.  Your favorite songs are:  Silent Night, The First Noel, Amazing Grace, I Love You Lord, and a few other hymns.

We call you our little old man because you really look like a little old man.  The faces you make, the way you scrunch up, and how the back of your head looks… haha.

Speaking of faces, you make so many different ones!  They keep us laughing and staring at you constantly, just waiting for what you might do next with your sweet lips and eyebrows.

You move around soooo much!!  I KNEW you would just from how you were in my belly.  You were in constant motion in there, and not much has changed since you came out.  You are a total wiggle worm, and you are strong!  Your kicks can hurt!

Everyone who meets you is amazed by how long your fingers are.  They are also amazed by how much you look just like Andrew.  I promise I am your mother, even if it does look like your dad is both the mother and the father.  I’m holding out for your nose…. I think there is a small chance that it might look like mine.  Maybe you’ll have my personality, huh?

So here’s to month one, little fella.  We’re making it!!  I love you very much.


You’re my favorite boy, Parker Peach.




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