a day in the life


June 21, 2012 by Heather

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

12:00am – Put Parker and myself to bed

5:00am – Change P’s diaper, nurse.  Play on the ipad while doing so.

6:20 – P goes back to sleep.  I pump and eat some cereal.

6:40 – I go back to bed.

8:40 – And we’re up.  Change diaper, I pee and grab a half cup of coffee.

8:45 – Nurse.  Watch Live with Kelly, call Andrew at work.

9:45 – Lay Parker down on a blanket, I go #2, wash face & brush teeth.  I make myself a smoothie (spinach, milk, banana, strawberries) and grab two slices of cinnamon bread.

10:05 – P is crying (hungry), I nurse him and eat breakfast.  Watch The View (aka “the news”)

10:30 – Call Hannah.  P finishes nursing, put him in bouncy seat.  I take Mayfield & the trash out, go pee, and call Mom while emptying the dishwasher.  Check facebook.

11:10 – P gets fussy, bounce him in his chair.  Hold his paci in with one hand and read blogs on laptop with the other.  We watch Wendy Williams, ha.

11:15 – HE’S ASLEEP!  I upload and edit some pictures.

11:35 – He’s up and smells like poop.

11:48 – Change diaper, I pee too.  Post some pics on the blog.

12:00pm – Nurse.  Finish an episode of Mad Men on Netflix.

12:30pm – Burp him, email relatives some new Parker pictures, start new Mad Men episode.

12:40 – Back to nursing.

12:55 – Burp, change diaper.  (I’m starving!)

1:05 – Try putting Parker in his swing.  No-go.

1:10 – Move him back to bouncy chair.  I eat a PB&J and a piece of chocolate way too fast.  Listen to P fart.

1:25 – Throw some pork chops in the crock pot for dinner while Parker screams.

1:30 – Change diaper, I pee.

1:40 – Nurse, Mad Men.

1:50 – Parker falls asleep on top of my boob.  Debate on whether to move him or not.

2:30 – Mad Men finishes, lay P down.  Start load of laundry.  Eat greek yogurt, take vitamins.

2:40 – I lay down!!  Woohoo, naptime!!

3:00 – And we’re up, he’s hungry.  Nursing resumes, as does Mad Men.

3:25 – I lay P down so I can pee, he freaks.  Back to nursing.

4:00 – Lauren comes over with little Ben, I nurse twice while she’s here.

5:30 – Lay Parker down on blanket.  Fold clothes & start new load.  Take Mayfield out, unpack weekend stuff, clean up cat vomit that has been on the window sill since this morning.

6:15 – Nurse, eat a handful of frosted shredded wheat.

6:30 – Poopy diaper change.  Andrew gets home from work and playing racquetball!

6:45 – Nurse, Andrew showers.

7:05 – Andrew finishes laundry and watches Parker while I finish dinner.

7:30 – We eat dinner and watch an episode of The Office while P is in bouncy seat.

8:00 – Andrew and Parker watch the NBA playoffs.  I do dishes and make Andrew’s lunch for tomorrow.

8:30 – Andrew gives P the bottle I pumped this morning and I take a long shower.  (ahhhh…)

9:15 – I pump and read Bible.  Andrew folds some freshly laundered baby clothes and watches game.  Parker falls asleep in bouncy chair.  Praise the Lord for the bouncy chair.

9:40 – P wakes up hungry, back to nursing!

10:10 – He falls asleep in my lap.  Andrew gives me a foot rub 🙂

10:25 – Nurse again.

10:45 – Andrew goes to bed.  Change P’s diaper, rock him in the glider.  Quick nurse again.  He falls asleep.

11:00 – Lay Parker in the bassinet next to our bed.  Go to the bathroom.

11:15pm – I go to bed.


8 thoughts on “a day in the life

  1. Sarah says:

    Aww I love this! I was waiting to see you taking a nap with P, but I guess he is a short napper right now! lol. What a handsom man you have there.

  2. Lauren says:

    The napping AND sleeping at night is on its way SOON! So, i know you probably feel like your boobs are so full that they are leaking ALL THE TIME, but I would recommend taking some Fenugreek. I will boost up your milk supply even more so that you might could get more pumped and/or get him to eat more during each “meal”. Fenugreek made my life easier! 😀

    • I think my milk is coming in more strongly these days.. maybe it’s just now getting regulated, I don’t know. But that past two days I have been able to pump a whole lot in just ten minutes each time. And his feedings are getting a little shorter. Who knows.

  3. Geri says:

    He will eventually eat more at once and less often and sleep longer periods. The first few months are difficult. At least your sister has been there recently to help get you through. I promise, you will sleep again, and then baby #2? Why do you think I have an only child ;0)

  4. April Walker says:

    These pictures are great!! I love reading your blog because I relate so well!!

  5. […] been edited so there’s probably lots of grammar and spelling issues.  I did another Day in the Life post when he was one month old, my how times have changed.  This is more for the future me than […]

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