five things


June 23, 2012 by Heather

  1. The revival of the Green Monster.  One banana, one cup of milk, two handfuls raw spinach, a handful of frozen strawberries, and a half-handful of raw oats.  Blend blend blend.  Ignore color and drink.  A quick, delicious, and refreshing way to get a whole lotta goodness.
  2. Rescuing helping each other.  Andrew called me on Wednesday because he had locked his keys in the trunk of his car while fishing over his lunch break.  I left a friend’s house early to go take him the spare key.  I called Andrew on Friday crying because I was so very tired and Parker wouldn’t stop fussing or destroying my nipples eating.  Thirty minutes later, he walked through the door and told me to go back to bed, that he had it under control.
  3. I am really tired of breastfeeding right now.  I am tired of reading about it, thinking about it, and talking about it.  It hurts and it is all consuming.  I understand the grand benefits of it, and I am all for it.  But right now I am kind of over it.
  4. Is it just me or is Justin Bieber looking more and more like an old lady?  I miss the swishy bangs.
  5. A few minutes ago Parker was starting to get rather unhappy in his bouncy chair.  Andrew got up to grab him and proclaimed that he was going to try a calming technique called Fathering Down.  “What in the world is Fathering Down?”  I asked.  His reply:  “I read about it.  It’s where you hold the baby’s head against your throat and he is supposed to be soothed by my deeper male voice.  But I get called mam a lot, so….”  🙂

Ahh, almost dinnertime.  Burgers, fries, and a side of breastmilk.



5 thoughts on “five things

  1. Kathryn Richey says:

    Gurrrrl I totally understand about breast feeding! It gets better after about 8 weeks, but from my experience it is. just. hard. until then.

  2. April Walker says:

    I almost gave up at 7 weeks but decided to give myself a break and just pump and bottle feed. I did for a few days and when we went back, she was magically better.

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