six weeks in…


June 28, 2012 by Heather

Car seats are heavy.  A car seat with a baby in it is even heavier.  However, you are supposed to carry it around like it’s nothing.  Because if you look like you’re struggling with the one-handed hold, people look at you like you’re a wimp.

I can actually get ready pretty fast.  20 minutes, hair and makeup.  To some that may not seem that quick, but for me it’s rather speedy.

Believe it or not, I can  function on very little sleep.  It’s not pretty, and not much gets accomplished, but I can function.

That first month is a total mountain.  Getting to the other side of it is rough and rocky, but once you are over the hump it’s not as bad as you thought it was.  In fact, it’s not bad at all.  The view is actually quite beautiful.

It’s ok to be really emotional.  Get it out, even the ugly stuff you think you should keep in.  Because if it doesn’t come out, it will stay in.  Better out than in.  And that goes for a great many things.  (farts, wisdom teeth, etc.)

Breastfeeding is really hard, for me at least.  However, once that 6-week mark hit, it all sort of evened out and became alright.  Weird, I know.  But for whatever reason, it’s not the burden I thought it was.  I’m so glad I didn’t quit out of frustration.  I would have regretted it.

I have the world’s best husband.  I repeat:  the world’s best husband.  If you are even considering having a baby, you must find one of those.  They make it all so much funner.

That said – it is very important to keep him feeling like the world’s best husband.  Even if you can’t move a tired mama muscle, at least tell him how much he means to you.  A little goes a long way, especially during those first six weeks.

Don’t forget to cuddle with your pets.

Praise ye the Lord for breast pumps.  Every evening I look forward to the second to the last feeding of the day when Andrew gives Parker a bottle and I get to go take a long shower.  It is also nice to have a bottle to take on outings just in case.  Keeps me from showing the world my goodies, and it keeps Parker happy.  It makes outings possible, which was something that stressed me out for a while in the beginning.  Andrew calls bottles “ammunition.”  Not sure if that is entirely appropriate, but whatever.

Crock pot meals are the shiz-nit.  I only know a couple good crock pot recipes though.  Must find more.

Those greenish blue newborn pacifiers don’t really work so well.  No wonder the child can’t keep it in his mouth – the round shape of it blocks his nose.  The regular-shaped ones in a smaller size work much better.

I don’t need to read everything.  I only need to read what I am really wondering about.  If I read too much, my brain gets clogged up with what every other mom says to do.  Then starts the comparing and the confusion, and I need neither.

People are really nosy.  Strangers ask me if I’m breastfeeding.  Maybe that is the norm, I don’t know.  Maybe people ask that all the time.  But it is weird to me when someone at Target asks that.  People get very judgy about the whole Breast vs. Bottle debate, and it kind of pisses me off.  I wanted to write a complete post on it, but decided not to because I didn’t want all the comments that would undoubtedly come with it.  There is so much stuff out there to read about it.  People are very opinionated.  Let me just say the following:  Do what is best for you and your baby.

Black waterproof cream eyeliner is amazing.  If you just use normal face wash, it will stay on for two or three days.  It’s nice to wake up in the morning looking a little more bright-eyed than you feel.

Middle-of-the-night-nursing is the perfect time to catch up on your prayers.  It’s hilarious the things you pray for at 3am.

Leftover belly pooch is actually quite useful when holding your baby.  It’s almost like a built-in boppy pillow.  However, if it’s not gone in a few months I’ll be really annoyed.

My baby is a little human.  I know that should be totally obvious, but for me it wasn’t for quite some time.  He has his own frustrations and bad days.  And he needs me to help him through those, not get annoyed at him for being fussy.

Nursing pads are perfect for helping to even out lopsided boobs.  One in this side, two in this side.  Works like a charm.  If only I’d known about nursing pads in 9th grade… they are much more real looking than toilet paper.

Lanolin as lip balm?  Yes, please.  Lanolin as cuticle cream?  Sure!

It is good to have one personal goal each day.  Yesterday, it was to clean the bathroom.  Today, it’s to do a biore pore strip.  And make dinner.

The folds of a baby’s neck can trap all sorts of things.

After-bathtime is just the absolute best.  Also the best – first thing in the morning, before he starts to freak out because I’m taking to long to give him the ol’ boob.

Baby wipes can do more than merely wipe a bottom.

Laundry in the dryer is still clean laundry.

Television makes the long breastfeeding stretches much more enjoyable.

After a c-section, life sucks.  You feel like you can’t do anything and that you’ll never be able to.  Take heart, little grasshopper.  It does improve.  But your stomach will be swollen for a longer amount of time than if you had had a vaginal birth.  I looked 6 months pregnant until a week ago (now I’m just a chunky monkey).  It is important to know that so you don’t think something is dreadfully wrong with your freshly stitched up uterus.

It’s ok to think that your life will never be the same, because honestly, it won’t be.  Mourn the loss of the way things were, then move on.  Some things will remain and others will eventually return back to normal, but life as I knew it (pre-Parker) will forever be a little different.  A little better.  And a whole lot brighter.  And it’s ok if it takes six weeks to realize those things.


this happened one year ago today. 


6 thoughts on “six weeks in…

  1. ohbygolly says:

    this took me back to that first 6 wks. it was almost like and “out of body” experience.

  2. Wipes=great on the go stain removers! Especially with spit up.

    Also check out Skinny Crock Pot on Facebook. TONS AND TONS of fairly easy delicious crock pot recipes that are filling and low cal. I used to use them a lot but had gotten away from it forever ago.

  3. flamingomama says:

    I have an incredible crock pot recipe book i will loan you sweetheart!!!!! It’s kind of like a dishwasher… you can put anything except children in them and it comes out good!!!!!

  4. Tammy Bennett Smith says:

    oh heather, I love your blogs so much. Seriously, they make me ridiculously excited when a new one comes up. It helps to me to prepare for one day when I am a mother. Thanks heather, keep them coming!!

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