weekend stuffs


July 15, 2012 by Heather

Saturday morning burps.


Breakfast & The Office


swing looow, sweet chaaaaariooot


His blanket friend (peek-a-boo!)


Yoga buddies.


The look he gives me when he is done eating. It is usually followed with either an appreciative smile or a huge belch.


Mongolian Beef, it was delish.


Family walk time.


Bouncy Bouncy


What we did instead of going to church.  We did watch a service online, so we didn’t totally play hookey.  Just mostly.


Appliance shopping. Sort of.


Does this bother anyone else? Bother in a good, funny way, of course.


Snacky snack time in the car.  I liked the color combo.


The first of many boxes we have to pack between now and next Monday. Yes, we are moving again.

(Here’s the recipe I used for the Mongolian Beef.  Personally, I would use a tad less brown sugar.)



5 thoughts on “weekend stuffs

  1. hihomedecor520 says:

    wow!!! Lovely baby angel!!

  2. ashtonmckenna says:

    I enjoy all the pictures. He is just so cute! And to answer your question, the Sonic signs also bother me too (in a how did some marketing executive at headquarters get that past everyone kind of way).

  3. laurennmalm says:

    Heather! Sure sounds like you all are having fun! Where are you moving? Let us know if you need any help!

  4. Hannah J. says:

    Mongolian Beef? Who are you.

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