two months


July 16, 2012 by Heather

Dear Parker,

You are just a-growing my child!  It is really amazing the differences between one month and two months.  I suppose I’ll probably say that with every passing month.  One crucial development is that YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT.  Well, pretty much.  I guess you started doing it around 6 weeks.  Of course, the books all say that “sleeping through the night” means 5 hours.  What baloney.  I consider sleeping through the night to be 7 hours.  I set the bar high son, because I know you can do it.

Another difference between one month and two months is the way you eat.  Your appetite is still rather large, but you’ve figured out how to eat more in less time somehow.  To this, I say way to go.  My nipples thank you.

You LAUGH all the time, and it is just the absolute best thing I’ve ever seen or heard in my whole life.  Oh my goodness.  Your dad can really get you going with his weird and sometimes disturbing sound effects (one of them sounds like a gun shot).  You and I share many laughs and coos (I hate the word “coo,” by the way) throughout our days.  Now, instead of crying and freaking out during a diaper change, you laugh.  And I talk to you in baby talk because, well, it seems like the thing to do.  Sorry if it is annoying.  You laugh when your nose is touched.  You laugh when we laugh.  You laugh when I say “WHATAREYOUDOING” really fast and weird-like.  You laugh when you watch me do yoga.  And you laugh when you watch me put on makeup.  I’d do anything to see that smile.

When we first started giving you baths in your baby tub when you were two or three weeks old, I decided that after your bath you should always be wrapped up in the softest blanket possible.  Baths can be tough stuff, this I know.  So we would bundle you up in this white and blue polka dot fuzzy little blanket.  It actually has a hole in it somehow.  And the first time I washed it after whatever baby shower I got it at, the edging around it came unraveled.  You have much nicer blankets, son, I promise.  But for whatever reason, this particular one became your After Bath Blanket, as we call it.  A month and a half later, it has become your blankey.  I’ll put you in your bouncy chair and throw the blanket on top of your face (gently) and you swat it down, grab it with your fists, hold it next to your sweet face, and grin.  It just about kills me.

Something big happened this month:  your dear ol’ Dad got a new job.  We are currently packing to move back to the college we graduated from so he can be the Director of Admissions.  We’ll live in the same neighborhood on campus where he grew up.  It is also where my mom (your Nana) grew up, so there is quite a bit of history.  We are excited, and know it will be a wonderful place for our little family.  You will absolutely love it there.

You had your two-month doctor appointment today.  You were a total champ.

You are 22 1/4 inches long and weight 9 lbs 15.6 ounces.  Woohoo!  You had to get a few shots today, which you really did not like very much at all.  Shots do suck.  You are absolutely, perfectly healthy.  We feel so very blessed.

While at the doctor today, we had already seen the nurse who weighed and measured you and were waiting for Dr. Rhoades to come in.  You were sitting so calm and peacefully on my lap, holding onto my fingers with your sweet little hands.  When Dr. Rhoades came and picked you up to examine you, you totally freaked out and started crying.  She did her thing and then handed you back to me.  You immediately resumed your previous position (hand holding and everything) and stopped crying.  It might sound silly, but that moment made me feel so good.  Like maybe I’m doing something right.  Like maybe I make you feel safe.  It was the first time I really, honestly, felt like a real mama.  And it sure felt good.

I love you, little P.

Love Always,


P.S.  How in the world do your fingernails get so dirty?




One thought on “two months

  1. Hannah J. says:

    Oh dear me. This is so sweet. I’m so glad you had that moment. It is wonderful.

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