caption contest (winner gets a million dollars)


July 18, 2012 by Heather

Ok, so maybe not a million dollars.  That might be a wee bit of a stretch.

BUT, if you are the winner, you will  get a sweet prize.  I’ll make you a CD or something.  Isn’t that so very 2004 of me?

Contest rules are as follows:  Look at the picture below.  Come up with a caption (hilarious or boring, it doesn’t matter) and either post it in the comments section of this post or on facebook.  The contest ends at 11:00pm on Thursday, July 19th, and the winner will then be chosen randomly.

Winning is not based on how awesome or how sucky your caption is, because this is a safe space.  No judging allowed.  Pah, who am I kidding.  Judging is my spiritual gift.  But seriously, everyone who comments will have their name thrown into a literal hat and one will be drawn.  I will then show up at your front door with a dozen balloons and a giant cardboard check for one miiiillion dollars.

Ready, set… GO!

“You lookin’ at this?”


13 thoughts on “caption contest (winner gets a million dollars)

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey, baby, you lookin’ to take a ride on Grease Lightnin’?

  2. princessdeidre says:

    Parker enjoys an afternoon soak after leaving work.It’s a pretty sticky place, that Lollipop Guild…

  3. princessdeidre says:

    Parker enjoys a post-work soak. It’s a pretty sticky place, that Lollipop Guild…

  4. Carolicious says:

    You have to sing my quote:
    “So what we get drunk?
    So what we smoke weed?
    We’re just having fun
    We don’t care who sees
    So what we go out?
    That’s how it’s supposed to be
    Living young and wild and free”

  5. “Seriously? You’re gonna wear that today?”

  6. Mrs. Baker says:

    “Move the rag… I dare ya.”

  7. flamingomama says:

    Pour me another one, Bob.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    “yes, my mother is a paranoid of stranger danger. Thank you mr. Blue little cloth.”

  9. Katie says:

    “I remember this girl Katie, she was there the day after I was born. She told me on that day about lifting my leg and making this awesome noise with my mouth. Its usually pretty funny”

  10. “Here comes the smoulder.” -from Disney’s “Tangled”

  11. Robin says:

    Hey baby! Wanna come check out my crib?

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