moving musings and a date


July 22, 2012 by Heather

I’m taking a break from packing, sitting here in Parker’s room surrounded by boxes filled with his little-guy stuff.  I have me a summery snack of cherries and pink lemonade mixed with sprite.  I just dropped a cherry in the cup (not glass, all those are packed) and it all of a sudden feels very fancy.  That is, it will feel fancy until I slurp up the cherry stem and completely gross out.

Moving is usually a pretty sentimental/emotional thing for me.  Leaving a place where memories were made, going to another place where new adventures are waiting.  It is very easy to become reflective.  Luckily, memories can come with.  And they don’t take up much space on the U-haul.

Since we only lived in this particular place for 7 months, I suppose there isn’t a whole lot to reflect on.  Let’s see.  Big things that happened while here:

We bought a new car.
Andrew had a job he did not like.  (Couldn’t really say that until now).
I was hugely pregnant.
Oh yeah, and we had a baby.  (Birth story here, here, and here.)

That last item is what will make this place memorable.  But for whatever reason, I’m really not that sad about leaving the place where we first lived while having Parker.  To be quite honest, from the time he was born until just a few weeks ago, things weren’t all that fantastic.  I felt horrible and awkward and incredibly uncomfortable as a new mom.  The baby blues hovered over our home for a little too long if you ask me.  I am so, so, SO glad to have that behind us.  And while there are still bumps here and there, things are a million times better than they were.

I am ready to put this place behind us, and with it, the sad moments that had me soaking my son’s hair with my tears at 2 in the morning.  I’m kind of looking at it as a fresh start at new-mommyhood.  New-parenthood.  We don’t have everything figured out and never will.  But we have learned so much in the past almost-ten weeks, and it has not been easy.  I’m excited to take what we’ve learned and put it to work in a place where we know everyone and are just down the road from family.  I am also excited that our new house has the perfect spot in the backyard for a secret fort.  For me, of course.  Not Parker.

Speaking of Parker, he and his handsome father took me out on a date this weekend.


My hot dates, after we got home from a wild night on the town.


Yes, I got a goodnight kiss from both fellas. I’m pretty easy.

They took me to my favorite restaurant, ZaZa’s, which just happens to be the least car seat friendliest place ever.  Funny, I never noticed it before we had a car seat.  And there were zero tables available inside or out, so we took our car seat and our salad and ate it in the air conditioned comfort of our car.  Parker had him some milk.  Eventually our pizza was ready and there was a table ready at the same time, score.  The rest of Parker’s bottle spilled all in the diaper bag.  Yummy.  We went to Whole Foods and used the gift card Mom and Eric gave me for muh burfday.  We got dessert (a cannoli and a key lime tart) , breakfast for the next day (scones), three jars of spices, and a bag of chips for Andrew.  Then we came home, threw the diaper bag in the wash, put Parker to bed, and stayed up late eating our desserts and watching The Office.  Great night with my gents.  And obviously, I mean gentlemen and not genitalia, for which I also use the same abbreviation.


Have salad, will travel.


Multitasking at its classiest. (It’s a breadstick ya’ll).

Hope your weekend has been, like, totally the best thing, like, ever.  🙂

Back to packing!




4 thoughts on “moving musings and a date

  1. Sarah says:

    Aww I love when my boys take me out on a date. I’m so glad this new change is going to be a good one for you and hopefully Andrew will be a lot happier in a new position.

  2. Jennifer H. says:

    We moved 3 weeks after Henry was born moving from an area we loved and a job he loved (obviously moving was not our idea), to an area we could tolerate at a job he knew was a dead in three months in. I’m hoping your “opposite” experience will be a good one. Your little man is looking more handsome every day. Makes me excited for a few more weeks from now when I have a little one again.

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