July 27, 2012 by Heather

We are out of town for a wedding.  Last night and all day today I have been hanging out in the hotel room with Parker while Andrew does his duties as a best man.  Which means one thing:  CABLE.  The wedding is tonight, and P and I are about to finish getting ready.

But first, a story.

Last night I was starving.  Andrew had the car at the rehearsal (Parker was fussy so we stayed in), so I called a place called Leonardo’s and ordered some lasagna and salad to be delivered to the hotel.  It was really delicious.  So.  Delicious.

So today for lunch I called and had some more delivered.

A different delivery person than last night came, and while I was paying him for my food he said, “Well you must be hungry!  They said you had this exact thing delivered last night!”

Yes, fine sir, I am hungry.  I am a famished, breastfeeding mother who can’t be bothered to hop in the car and actually go get something.  Now give me my food and scram.


2 thoughts on “hangry

  1. Kimberly says:

    “I have a tapeworm and hear it’s contagious if I breathe on you.” Jerk. I have never been so hungry and thirsty as when I was BF’ing.

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