July 31, 2012 by Heather

I’m BAAAAaaaack.

While I have been MIA blog-wise, there sure has not been a lack of action otherwise (insert creepy eyebrow wiggle here).  Moving really takes it out of you.  Moving with a two-month-old is nothing short of completely exhausting.  Moving with a two-month-old and a husband and a crazy dog and cat…. well, you are just a glutton for punishment.  Our marriage simply cannot survive another move.  (kidding)  Really though, how many was this?  Number five?  Yeah, we’re staying put.

It’s all here though, every last box.  And the baby’s around here somewhere… I think we unpacked him.  Not sure.

And we watched our dear friends get married, which was very special and sweet.

Now it’s time to settle in and put down some roots, by golly.  Who wants to come help me unpack?

Big ol’ truck for all of our stuffs.

Parker wanted to ride there for the trip.

Big bed, little fella.

Andrew as Best Man. (think I could take her? 🙂 )

My wedding date.

Bride & Groom

Family portrait. Clearly, Parker had an exciting time.

Good morning dear.

I am currently in the middle of baking cookies for a “cookie festival” that is being put on by some of the little girls in the neighborhood.  Participants are to bring cookies, exchange with each other, and then the kids are tasting all the cookies and choosing a winner, who will get a medal.  Listen, I want that medal.  I couldn’t sleep last night because I didn’t know what cookie I should make.  I ended up making chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos and they have turned into ginormous ridiculous-looking blobs.  What was I thinking.
Speaking of cookies, it’s time for me to begin night #2 in what I am calling “Operation Blue Jeans By October.”  More on that later.



One thought on “m.i.a.

  1. Hannah J. says:

    I love the pics! You better save me a cookie.

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