Operation: Blue Jeans By October


August 2, 2012 by Heather

Seems like a lofty goal, I know.  Notice that I’m not calling it Operation:  Lose All This Weight.  I just want to fit into my jeans.  Not even all of them, just like one or two pairs.  I have some Joe’s Jeans that I shelled out a zillion bucks for a couple years ago, and they are my favorites.  If I can just pull those over my cheeks and button them without too much spilling over the top, I’ll be a happy girl.

Why October?  Three reasons.  1)  October is my most favorite month of all the months.  2)  I have two full months until then to shed some poundage.  And 3)  With the way the weather has been, I probably won’t even be wearing jeans until October.

Like most women, I really hate to weigh myself.  We have a nice scale that Andrew’s parents gave us a few years ago and I tend to take the batteries out and hide it underneath a dresser.  For now I’m not concerned about numbers.  Eventually, I’ll be curious to see if I’m anywhere near my pre-pregnancy weight, but not anytime soon.  I just want to fit in my clothes comfortably and feel healthy and good about myself.

Here is the plan I have devised:

  • Eat whenever I feel like eating.  I’m breastfeeding, so now is not the time to cut calories.  We are good about keeping healthy snacks in the fridge and pantry, so going crazy with a bag of chips shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Hopefully.  Andrew has his snacky junk food that he likes, but they aren’t the kind I like.  That helps.
  • The main diet change comes here:  Dessert only on the weekends, at least for a while.  I have GOT to get this sweet tooth under control.  It has not calmed down since my second trimester, and I’m tired of it.  My brain needs to understand that dessert is a treat, not something I have to have every single day.
  • Exercise everyday, with 5-6 days a week being devoted to more intense cardio.  Walks around the neighborhood with Parker do not count.  I am gradually getting back into running by going for walk/jogs a few times a week, and am also doing a couple different Jillian Michael’s dvds which involve both cardio and strength training.  I am so sore, but it feels so good.
  • Embrace the challenge.

So that is my plan of attack.  Nothing too crazy or rigid.  I am so very lucky to have a sweet husband who knows how important it is for me to get back in shape.  Every evening he is on Parker duty for an hour or two while I sweat it out and then shower.  He is my cheering squad while I do workout dvds.  Does anyone else feel like the world’s biggest moron when they do those?  My goodness.  Especially since I have to hold on to my boobs for dear life when I do any kind of jumping move.  I just can’t get used to the way they bounce… I never had that problem before.  Ouch.

In other, random news, aren’t these boots so dang cute?  I am super picky about boots, but I love these.  I’m sure they cost five thousand million dollars, but I like them anyway.


gimme dem boots.



photo from People.com




4 thoughts on “Operation: Blue Jeans By October

  1. Sarah says:

    You’re so awesome! I love your plan. It is very practical for you and I believe you can meet your goal! I was not in my pre preg jeans until L was nearly 10 months old. Oh and I eat bacon everyday like its candy. Lol

  2. Totally feel ridiculous…and for me it’s like “either let me be alone or work out with me so I don’t feel like you’re watching” when it comes to Chris. The Bouncing boobs definitely suck. I’ve always had this problem and it’s part of why I don’t run or attempt to…not without 3 bras and some duct tape around them anyways. Good luck!

  3. Girl, I totally relate to this! I have a stack of jeans in my closet that I refuse to get rid of because I spent so much money on them. I just want to fit into a couple of pairs…. that’s it!

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