coffee date


August 7, 2012 by Heather

Let’s pretend we are at Starbucks wearing scarves, drinking caramel macchiatos (because we could care less about all the sugar and calories in them), and we have a good two hours to kill over stimulating conversation.  These are the things I would talk about.

I would tell you that I stopped reading the Christian self-help book I mentioned in this post.  It got to be annoying, so I closed it one evening without marking my spot and have not picked it up since.  Books like that tend to make me think too much and then feel extreme guilt when I struggle to follow their pathway to righteousness.  I think I’ll just stick to the Bible.

I’d tell you that I have started reading Francine River’s popular book, Redeeming Love, and it is just so good.  I found it at a flea market for $2 and read it every time I feed Parker.  A much better love story than Fifty Shades of Whatever, if you ask me.

I would tell you that speaking of Fifty Shades, I picked it up when we were at Target this past weekend and told Andrew I was going to open to a random page, read it, and see if I could understand what all the horny fuss is about.  So I did.  And yes, as luck would have it, I opened to a page that had the beginnings of a sexual encounter.  Except it sounded absolutely awful.  I’ll take Fifty Shades of Andrew Watson over that mess any day.

I’d tell you that I am feeling conflicted about whether or not I should take a part time job.  It is something here at the college that I’ve done before, and I have the opportunity to do it again if I want to.  I can’t decide what to do.  I know women go back to full time jobs a lot of the time after having a baby, and I admire that so much.  But I struggle to no end with finding balance in my everyday life, and I don’t want to mess up what is just now starting to feel a little balanced.  I am praying about it and waiting until God makes it very clear what I should do.

I’d tell you that I get a big kick out of blaming farts on Parker.  I plan to do it for the rest of his life.

I would tell you about the awesome handmade quilt Andrew bought me at a flea market.  It is so colorful and worn and random.  And much too delicate to throw in the washing machine, hoover dam it.  I have big plans to hand wash it in the bath tub and hang it to dry outside.  Then I have even bigger plans that involve things like picnics and star gazing and such.  Sounds dreamy and picturesque, until I lay it out in the backyard on top of a bunch of dog poop.  Not so dreamy then.  (note to self:  must do doggy doo-doo pick up before doing quilt-things in the yard)

I’d tell you about putting Parker in the church nursery for the first time this past Sunday.  While I enjoyed being baby-free for a little while, that still didn’t stop me from asking Andrew (twice) during the service if I could go get him.  I waited until the end, of course.

I would tell you that I am thinking of growing my bangs out.  I want to do something different with my hair that doesn’t involve cutting it or coloring it.  Leaves me very few options, I know.  I do need a trim really bad though… hmm.  (note to self:  must call Denise)

I’d tell you that Andrew joined the oh-so-cool iphone club yesterday.  He keeps telling me to get one (I do have an upgrade), but I keep refusing.  My nerdy flip fone phone works just fine, and I like that I’m not uber connected to everything and everyone at any given moment of the day.  It seems like everyone I know who has one is practically dependent on it for survival.  I’m holding out for as long as I can.

Alright, I guess we better wrap up our coffee date.  See you next week?  Great.  Let’s wear our scarves again.



3 thoughts on “coffee date

  1. ashtonmckenna says:

    I’ve had similar experiences with Christian self-help books– never really touched my heart and came across kind of cheesy at times– Redeeming Love, however, is probably one of my favorite books ever. Enjoyed the coffee date!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Redeeming Love— definitely an all time favorite!!! And I promise you, Parker was an angel in nursery. I said to Jennifer, “Look at him, he’s so contemplative! I think he’s looking at her (another baby) saying, ‘I could draw her–or write a sonnet about that fantastic bow on her head’.”

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