three months


August 16, 2012 by Heather

Dear Parker,

A lot has changed in the past month!  We moved to a new (to you) place and you finally started walking!  Just kidding, you aren’t walking yet.  That would be pretty creepy.

Our new home suits you, and us, quite well.  We live in a neighborhood about a hundred yards away from a college.  There is quite a bit of history behind where we live.  Your Great Grandparents (my Grandma and Grandpa) attended school here and met while here.  They both eventually worked at the college, and your Great Grandma was the one who hired your Gran.  Your Great Grandma was once the Dean of Students, and now Gran is the Dean of Students.  Your Nana (my mom) also went to school here.  Your Dad and I also went to school and met here. We were married on campus, and now we work here!  Your Dad and Nana also grew up in this very neighborhood.  Pretty neat, huh?

You are closer to your grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and there are lots of kids in the neighborhood for you to be friends with once you get a little older.  I take you to visit Dad and Gran at work, and you are always the most popular guy in the room.  You love “going to college,” which is what we call it.

Just in the past week or so you had a maaajor growth spurt, dude.  I knew something was up with the way you were constantly hungry and fussy.  One week you fit into 0-3 month-sized clothes, the next week no way!  You are long and lean, just like your dad.  You also can’t seem to keep still for any extended period of time, just like your dad.

You’ve really found your voice!  I don’t particularly like the word “coo,” but I guess that’s what it is.  You ooooh and aaaaah all day long.  You’ll do this thing where you close your eyes and squint and sort of sing out a “oooooooooh” and we call it Singin’ the Blues.  It really sounds like you’re howling at the moon though.  My favorite is when you yawn and then end it with a little “aaah.”  Your voice is so sweet and tender and it just melts my heart.  You also love to laugh a really big laugh that is just the most hilarious thing ever.

Big news – you now sleep in your crib!  I decided on a whim one night to put you in it just to see what you would do, and you’ve been sleeping in it ever since.  Just last night I put regular pajamas on you instead of a swaddle blanket to sleep in, and while you seemed a little wiggly at times, I think you liked the freedom.  At one point I checked on you and your arms were stretched out above your head.  You still like to keep your legs scrunched up like a frog when you sleep.

We’re finally able to go out and about a little bit more with you.  Your eating/sleeping schedule has become much easier to handle and sort of predict, thank the good Lord.  And I’ve become less timid about breastfeeding in semi-public.

You were in the nursery at church the past two weeks and did so good!  The ladies in there are always happy to see you, and you are very well behaved.  Ya make me so proud, son.

People always comment on how alert and observant you are.  And it’s true – you want to see everything that’s going on.  You follow everything with your eyes and take it all in.  I like watching you watch me.

You loooove to be in motion.  Bouncing, swinging, swaying, you name it.  Sometimes that is the only thing that will calm you down.  I’ve gotten quite good at bouncing you in your chair while also doing other tasks.  Who knew I had such rhythm?

We think you might be teething.  You have started to drool like a crazy person, and you love to chew on your finger with one particular side of your mouth.  I’ve felt around and can’t tell if anything is poking out, but from what I’ve read it can take a little while.  Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous about you getting teeth.  Let me rephrase that.  My nipples are a little nervous about you getting teeth.  We’ll manage though.

You continue to make each day an adventure, Parker.  We look forward to every new thing you do.  And every old thing, too.

I love you,



3 thoughts on “three months

  1. Sarah says:

    wow. I LOVE the photo of you and him. so beautiful!

  2. Heather says:

    Thank you! Haha I took it using the timer on the camera.

  3. April Walker says:

    So sweet! He still has all of his hair, very impressive Parker!

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