It’s noon and all I’ve done is eat breakfast.


August 20, 2012 by Heather

Parker just fell asleep so I thought I’d take advantage of this time to sit down and write a deep, meaningful blog post about something deep and meaningful.  But all I can really think about is how terrible my armpits smell right now, and also how I need to go mix up some more laundry detergent so I can begin to tackle the mountain of dirty clothes back there.

I also need to finish unpacking the whole entire house.  And then when that is done I need to exercise.  Actually, I’ll do those in reverse.  Exercise then unpack.

Then I need to make myself a spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie, because it’s Monday, and on Monday I fool myself into thinking this is going to be the week where I have a spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie everyday.  It’s just such a pain to get the blender down and use it and then take it apart and clean it.

Did I really eat five brownies this weekend?  That’s probably not the best way to lose this baby weight.

My one goal this weekend was to clean the bathroom.  It didn’t happen.  So I should probably do that today as well.  The shower curtain has smelled funky for about a week now.

I also need to clean the couch & loveseat using that neat trick I found on pinterest.  Ugh, friggin pinterest.

Then I need to go up to the school and fill out some paperwork and turn in my receipts from cheerleading camp.  Maybe on the way home from that I’ll finally remember to call that Imagination Library place Hannah gave me the number for, so Parker can get a new book every month until he turns five.

Also, must. drink. more. water.  Then I need to make dinner for our neighbors who just had a baby.  No big deal, I’ve gotta make dinner for us anyhow, so why not make a little extra.

I should also probably sweep the kitchen.  Haven’t swept since we moved in a month ago, oops.  If I were on top of things I’d sweep everyday.  I should really print off that thing from pinterest that has a plan of what to clean each day so that you never have to do a big huge overall cleaning.  Ugh, pinterest.

When is the last time I washed the sheets?  Why do 87% of my thoughts revolve around cleaning?  Maybe if I had a cleaning lady I could devote that brain space to something else.  But then I’d be a stay-at-home-mom with a cleaning lady, and that sounds sort of lame.  Not that I could afford a cleaning lady anyway.

I can’t believe my little brother turns 16 in a few weeks.  That is nuts.  Parker will turn 16 some day.  Hmm.  Which will make me…..42?  Yes, 42.  Oh.  Oh my.

I wish I could still go back-to-school shopping, even though I’m done with school.  These extra pounds don’t seem to be melting off anyway, so I could probably use a few shirts that actually fit without me stretching the life out of them before tugging them down over my milk jugs.

If I read one more beauty magazine that suggests putting olive oil on my face I am literally going to freak out.

I need to find a Bible verse to memorize this week.  I don’t think I brushed my teeth this morning.  Oh my gosh what is up with my armpits, for real.



One thought on “It’s noon and all I’ve done is eat breakfast.

  1. Get a Magic Bullet! They make the “blender life” so much easier! All dishwasher safe (minus the actual machine of course) and you can just drink right out of the blender cup. I love mine! 🙂

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