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September 5, 2012 by Heather

Man I’ve really let myself go, haven’t I?  What’s it been, like a week?  Bless my soul.  Oh the blogging I could do if there wasn’t so much laundry to fold and babies to feed.  Well, baby.  Singular.

Speaking of baby, he is a tad under the weather today.  Coughing, sneezing, runny eyes and nose.  Poor little guy.



Things that have gone on since I last blogged a thousand years ago:

We ate pancakes, twice.
My little brother turned 16.
Parker & I walked in a 5k and got first place in the walking division (36 minutes, holla).
I finally joined the smart phone world, a tad reluctantly.
Andrew & I went on our first date since Parker was born (more on that tomorrow).
I got caught dance-walking by an unidentified male college student.
I got a few inches cut off my hair and got some layers thrown in there for funsies.
I ran through the sprinklers at the soccer field one night.
I decided to stop consuming dairy for a little while.
We switched sides of the bed to see if we slept better that way.
Parker pooped on his bouncy seat three times.  I washed it, three times.
Andrew went out of town for work one night & Parker and I had a laundry party (6 loads).
I saw this on Pinterest (ugh, pinterest) and have been thinking about it a lot:

I researched how to re-caulk a bathtub.  Wish me luck.
I painted my nails dark red.  Is it fall yet?
We went to church and then ate Mexican food.
I bought Parker a hair brush.
Some dear friends came over and we stayed up until 1:00am talking and laughing.
And I kind of slacked off on my exercising and Bible verse memorizing.  Oops.



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