four months


September 17, 2012 by Heather


Dear Parker,

Yesterday you turned four months old!  I would’ve written this yesterday, but you spent most of the weekend crying and screaming, so I was a little busy.  And frazzled.  But you’re a baby, so I guess it’s ok.  I’ll let it slide just this once.

My how you’ve grown, son!  You are long and lean.  As of today you weigh right at 12 pounds and your length is twice that – 24 inches.  You still have all of your wonderful hair.

A few things that you did this month:  You somehow learned to speak French fluently, at least that is what your talking sounds like.  It makes us laugh pretty hard.  You started to really enjoy taking baths.

In just the past week you’ve started noticing Mayfield more.  At one point you grabbed her ear, so now she’s a little scared of you.  I pushed you in your stroller in a 5k walk/run here at the college – and we won first place in the walking division!  Go us.  You tried rice cereal for the first time and loooved it.  It’s no wonder – that was my favorite food the whole time I was pregnant with you (regular cereal, of course).

You went to your first of many sporting events – a volleyball game.  You weren’t so sure about all the cheering and yelling, but you got used to it a little, I think.

Your daily schedule goes something like this:

9:00am – Wake up and eat breakfast!
9:45 – Lay on play mat and work on grabbing skillz, listen to music.
10:30 – Maybe go for a walk, or sit in bouncy chair and watch Leap Frog cartoons.
11:30 – Fall asleep in bouncy chair.
12:30pm – Lunch time!
1:15 – Sit in bouncy chair and play with toys, maybe run some errands.
2:00 – Nap time, for real.
4:30 – Wake up and eat.  Enjoy some tummy time with me and Mayfield.
5:15 – Dance party in the kitchen with me.  You like the YMCA Pandora station.
5:45 – Bounce in your johnny jump-up while I do stuff in the kitchen, or you play with dear old Dad.
6:30-8:30 – Hang out with Dad while I go to cheerleading practice.  Y’all usually watch sports and you have a bottle around 7:00 that I pumped for you earlier in the day.  You will fall asleep for a bit in your bouncy chair.
8:45 – Bath time!!
9:00 – You either eat regular style or I mix a few ounces of milk with some rice cereal and you guzzle it down.
9:30ish – Bed time!!  I rock you, sing you two songs, and lay you in your crib with your blanket and pacifier.

You are kind of sleeping through the night now.  It is hit or miss sometimes… but we’re working on it.  You just started taking a nap in your crib this past week, and it seems to be helping the night time stuff.  I’m trying to get you on some sort of loose schedule (keyword: loose), and so far it seems to be going ok.

You do this thing we like to call “The Slow Grab,” where we hold a toy out in front of you and you veerrry slowly reach out for it.  It’s pretty hilarious.

A few of my favorite things about you right now:  The back of your head, your thighs, how your growing body still fits perfectly in my arms, your smile and laugh, your French speak, how your hands reach for my face when I hold you, and the way your bottom looks in the mirror right before bath time.

Each day is new and different with you, Parker Peach.  Never in my entire life have I worked so hard at something… and I have a feeling motherhood will always be that way.  I hope you already know how very much I love you.


Here is a poorly shot, sideways video of “The Slow Grab.”


IMG 0357 from Heather Watson on Vimeo.


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  1. flamingomama says:

    I love him!!!!!!!

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