backed up


October 20, 2012 by Heather

We’ve kind of been all over the place for the past month.  Actually, there’s no kind of   to it… we HAVE been all over the place.  Some for good reasons, some for not-so-good reasons.

Good: visiting family in Mississippi.

Not-So-Good:  driving to North Carolina to visit Andrew’s very ill grandfather in the hospital.  He got to meet Parker for the first time, and it was truly the most bittersweet moment I’ve ever experienced.

Good:  Taking Parker to Northwest Arkansas to meet my friends.

Not-So-Good:  Flying to North Carolina for Andrew’s grandfather’s funeral.

Needless to say, things have been busy.  Now that I am able to sit down for a minute and be alone with my thoughts, I’m realizing how jumbled up they are.  In between the traveling and the packing and unpacking and visiting loved ones and trying to keep it all together, my brain has been one big tangle of words.  Back when I was working toward my art degree (I say that like I’m so old, right?), my brain was always a mess of colors, shapes, lines, paintings.  Now, it is full of phrases and unwritten stories and poems just waiting to come out.

It’s creative constipation, that’s what it is.

So instead of back-tracking and doing the whole “sorry-I’ve-been-m.i.a.” bit, I’m just going to forge onward and upward and hope that slowly all of the stuff in my head will eventually, ahem, dump itself right on out.

Parker & his Mississippi great grandparents


Food tastes better when eaten in a hotel bed.


My frans.


Let’s just say Parker didn’t quite get the memo about funerals being a somber event. He was ready to party. Oh dear me.


Dumb ol’ cat.


Life is crazy, but boy it sure is sweet.


Happy Weekend!!!











One thought on “backed up

  1. Hannah J. says:

    That picture of Parker in the hotel bed is so cute.

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