five months


October 21, 2012 by Heather

(five days late)

Dear Parker,

Out of all the months you’ve been around, this one has probably been the busiest!  You have been so many places and met a lot of new people who love you very much.  I’m biased, but really, how could they not?  You are so full of life and spunk and laughter that everyone who meets you is left with a smile on their face.

People you met for the first time:

Grandmother & Grandaddy Watson in Mississippi
Uncle George & Aunt Judy from Colorado
Great Ed & Vivian in North Carolina
My friends:  Carol, Christy, Kristina, Ali, & Elizabeth
…and a whole lot of other people along the way.

You logged quite a few hours in your car seat this month with all of our road trips.  Let’s see.. I’d say about 59 hours just traveling in the car alone.  Which adds up to about 15 backseat nursing sessions.  And you did so good!  Not gonna lie, I was pretty worried about being in the car with you for that long.

You went for your first airplane ride just this past week and you were wonderful, all things considered.  Ok maybe I am lying a little bit.  It was actually pretty freaking stressful.  But overall, you did a fantastic job.  We are quite the team – you, me and your dear ol’ dad.  And your Uncle Matt, who also braved the airplane with us.  I will never forget it.

This month you have grown like a WEED!  You are so long.  Or is it tall?  I guess since you stay relatively horizontal most days, “long” would be the correct way to describe it.  Speaking of horizontal, we are ready for you to be able to sit up and play!  We are working with you on it, but you seem way more interested in standing up than you do in sitting up.  Always looking to what’s ahead, just like your father.  It’s a good quality to have, but take your time sweet boy.  You’ll get there.  Stay little and helpless for as long as you need to.  I love your littleness and I am here to help, all day errday.

Hmm, let’s see.  How about some factoids about your life on this very day.

Weight:  not sure.
Height:  not sure (boy these are great factoids, aren’t they?)
Size in clothes:  6 months in onesies, 3 months in pants.
Eating:  nursing 5-6 times a day, eating rice cereal from a spoon once a day (1/4 cup cereal, 2 oz breastmilk).
Playing with:  your feet, your pacifier, Froggy Frog, Gerald, Sophie, my hands, and anything else you can grab.
Sleeping:  pretty well.  Short nap in the morning, longer one in the afternoon, shorter one in the evening.  You go to bed around 9pm and wake up around 8am, usually with one re-pacifying and one feeding in between.  Dad does the re-pacifying, I do the feeding.  Obviously.
Saying:  all kinds of crazy things.  You are rather vocal, and we absolutely love it.  You have a high pitched tiny voice that sings and talks all the time.  A lady in Target the other day swore she heard you say “mama.”  Yesssssssss.
Bathing:  about every other night.  You are such a wiggle worm that it has become pretty interesting.  It almost works better if I just get in the bathtub with you.  I promise I will not remind you of that when you are older.  Maybe.
Loving:  being held and walked around, your morning nap, standing up in our laps, practicing rolling on the floor, breakfast in bed every morning, eating cereal, talking to people, girls with blonde hair (come on, son), and listening to music.

I pray for you every night by your crib.  No matter how frustrating the day might have been, sitting in the floor and watching you sleep makes it all fade away.  You are a handful, but luckily I have pretty big hands and an even bigger God who gives me just enough patience to love you the way you deserve.  I look forward to another month of watching you grow and learn and become even more awesome.  Because you totally are, Parks.

I love you always,


-four months-
-three months-
-two months-
-one month-


One thought on “five months

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh Heather he is such a handsome little man!! He is the perfect mix of both of you, but does look more like Andrew in some ways. He is built just like Logan: tall and skinny. He was still wearing 12mo short this summer since he’s so skinny! I love him and I love you and hope you have a slower more relaxing month!!

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