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October 23, 2012 by Heather

Let me begin by saying that I am not a morning person.  Never have been, for as long as I can remember.  I was about to type, “Just ask anyone who has ever woken up with me,” but something about that doesn’t sound quite right.  I have always secretly wanted to be a morning person, but you have to play the hand your dealt, right?  And I was not dealt the peppy morning person card.  In fact, I’m not really sure how to accurately label any of my cards.  Let’s save that for another post, shall we?

I’d always thought it was so weird when people (more specifically, moms and old men) woke up hours before they actually should.  Why on Earth would you skip out on a good three more hours of sleep just so you can catch the first worm?


(Good grief, how many more of these “come to Jesus motherhood” moments am I going to have?)

But.  I kind of get it now.  Kind of.  And I want to be one of them.  At least for a few days out of the week.

See, it’s not all that pleasant to be abruptly woken up by a screaming, impatient baby who can’t be bothered to wait on you to pee and brush your teeth before feeding him.  A non-human alarm allows you to sort of ease into the day, at your own pace.  I can snooze for 7 (or 28) minutes if I want without hearing any screaming at all.  Then I can slowly rise, taking a moment to sit on the edge of the bed and curse my own self for thinking 6:00am would be a good time to wake up.

Waking up early allows me to be a little bit more productive, if I choose.  I can start a load of laundry, read my bible, write a blog post, do the dishes, paint my toenails, pump a little bit for Parker’s cereal later in the day.  Enjoy my coffee in blissful silence.

Waking up early, even just 30 minutes before Parker, allows me to better prepare myself for a day of meeting Parker’s needs.  If I take a little bit of time to take care of myself, then I can do a better job of caring for him.

I’ve been anti-mornings long enough to know that I really, really hate to exercise before noon.  It gives me a headache.  Sure, it is nice to be able to check exercise off the to-do list a little earlier in the day, but just not nice enough to do it on a regular basis.  My early morning time is not about working out, at least for now.  Maybe someday when I am feeling hardcore it will be.

I feel like waking up early is kind of a self-discipline.  It takes some work, some practice.  It takes doing it regularly enough times to where it becomes your new normal.  I’ve decided to go for it.  Of course, that also means going to bed earlier, which is a self-discipline in and of itself.  All this discipline.  Good grief.

Thank the Lord for good coffee.


Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this face?


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