November 1, 2012 by Heather

I’m fairly certain that if being a stay-at-home-mom was a “real” job, I would have called in to work today and taken myself a personal day.  A mental health day, if you will.

Here is a little article from this month’s Real Simple magazine that greatly affirmed my maternal self-worth, but also depressed me a bit:



The yearly salary a 2012 stay-at-home mom would earn (that is, if she were paid), as determined by the career-advice website  The income was calculated by combining the average wages, plus overtime, for the jobs a mom typically performs, including laundress, janitor, driver, cook, facilities manager, psychologist, and CEO (of the household).  The results also showed that the average stay-at-home mom works a grueling 94.7-hour week and would make an average of $22.94 an hour. (source)


On a related note, I think next year for Halloween I shall dress up as a “laundress.”  I did not even know that was a real word.

Here’s to running on major fumes.  Cheers 🙂











P.S.  Does anyone else get a real kick out of being asked if “Staying home is all you do?”  Or “Do you just watch (insert child’s name here)?”  I like to smile and say, “Why yes, that is all I do,” while thinking all sorts of awful other things I could say.


4 thoughts on “SAHM

  1. How many childrend did you say you have?

  2. Macrina Lane says:

    Geez!! I wish I had that change in my pocket! Then I would higher a cook or something!! SAHM do not get enough credit sadly!

  3. Sarah says:

    Haha!! This is awesome…and sad. Seriously, $22 an hour?! That is not enough to cover sleep deprivation alone! Good thing we’re priceless and we have husbands who acknowledge that. I do not envy SAHM, in fact I want to give each and ever one of you a high five for staying home with your babes. Keep on keeping on!

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