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November 6, 2012 by Heather

My first time to vote in a presidential election was in 1992.  I was six years old.  The voting station was set up in my first grade class room, where I was given the opportunity to do my civic duty as an American and cast my vote between George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot.  It was a very important day, obviously.

I remember hearing my parents discuss the (real) election.  I knew they planned to vote for George Bush and probably expected me to do the same.  So I did what any other semi-rebellious, non-conformist child would do:  I voted for Bill Clinton just because I could.  Later in the day the results were announced over the intercom.  I remember two things about the announcement:  Clinton won, and Perot only got 1 vote, which made me feel sorry for him and kind of wish I had voted for him instead.

I tell that story to make this point:  I still feel like that six year old girl.  Fairly informed and somewhat apathetic, but mostly just excited about getting to vote.  I know who I am going to pick and I know the issues I will vote yes or no to.  And while it is fun for your “team” to win and come out on top, I think the funnest part is the system of it all, how it all works.

I’ve seen enough seasons of “24” to know that politicians can appear to be good and kind when they are actually playing dirty on the side.  And while that may be the case, I like to believe in the good in everyone.  It’s a much happier way to live, in my opinion.  A tad naive, perhaps, but whatever.

For some reason right now I have the urge to punch my fist in the air and shout “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”  And I’m not really even sure what that means.

Let freedom ring.


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