a tale of two nipples


November 9, 2012 by Heather

Behold, two identical nipples:


Totally the same, except the one on the left was hand-washed and the one on the right was washed in the dishwasher using one of those bottle basket things.  And that, my people, is why I will never put my nipples in the dishwasher again.  We can all learn a valuable lesson from this indeed.

These are the kinds of important dilemmas I face throughout my day.

Parker has not had a bottle in a while, but he is having his first away-from-home-and-parents sleepover tonight (PARTAY!) so I was gathering his food stuff and noticed how nasty all the nips were.  A rude awakening, I tell you.

Speaking of food stuff, we are easing our way into the world of solid foods.  “Man food,” as Andrew calls it.  Although I hardly think sweet potato puree can be called man food.  Parker had some last night and loved it.  We have been doing cereal once a day for a couple of weeks now, but yesterday I decided to start doing cereal/fruit in the morning and a veggie in the evening.  I made my first batch of homemade baby food yesterday.  As I carefully spooned it into ice cube trays this morning, I couldn’t help but think, “I’m a real mom now!” in a creepy Pinocchio voice.

Praise Jesus for nap time, am I right?


2 thoughts on “a tale of two nipples

  1. Heather, our bottle nipples do the same thing! Except we don’t have a dishwasher it happens when I boil them. I hand wash them and they are so clean and clear and then I put them in the boiling water and they turn all dingy and foggy. It’s annoying.

  2. April says:

    We are doing homemade baby food as well and I ordered a book on Amazon called “The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet” or something like that…for weeks I feel asleep at night reading the recipes! I love this new life of being a mom!

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