writer’s block

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November 9, 2012 by Heather

I have sat down everyday this week and attempted to write something on here.  I’ll type out a paragraph and then delete it, usually for one of two reasons:  1) too mom-ish, and 2) too depressing.  Now, I know those two categories pretty much define every single post I’ve written, at least in the past six months, but I am really making an effort to branch out some.  Hence the lack of posting.

I kind of feel like I’ve boxed myself in a little bit, writing-wise.  And I guess that is ok, I mean, I enjoy writing about the highs and lows of motherhood/womanhood.  Living and working at a Christian college doesn’t help much either with the boxed in feeling.  I absolutely love it, but let’s face it.  You can only use four letter words and talk about nipples so much before someone gets their panties in a wad.  I’m sure panties will be wadded just over that statement.  Three cheers for wadded up panties!

Maybe it’s time to start writing that book I’ve always wanted to write.




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