six months


November 16, 2012 by Heather

Dear Parker,

Happy Half Birthday!!!!  I recently celebrated my half birthday as well and your dear father made fun of me for even acknowledging that a half birthday was even a “thing.”  Well, son, it most certainly is a “thing,” and we shall celebrate accordingly.

Six months.  You are six months old!!  Not gonna lie, it kind of feels like it has been way longer than that since the mean old nurse rolled me out of the hospital in a wheel chair holding your tiny brand-new body in my arms.  I can understand why people say it flies by, because in some ways it does feel like you were born just last week.  But in more ways it feels like a while.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  We’ve just come a long way.

You are hilarious, Parker.  Absolutely the funniest little guy ever.  You recently started smacking/popping your lips, and it makes us laugh so much.  Whenever I start to do it with you though you stop.  So I just watch and let you do your thing.  You are a very happy baby.  I cannot imagine going one day without seeing you smile.  I think that would be the saddest day ever.  Your sweet little face lights up my whole world every single day.

I think it’s safe to say that you are either teething or going through a growth spurt.  You’ve taken quite a few steps back sleep-wise, and you’ve been pretty fussy lately.  Grumpypants Watson, that’s what we should start calling you.  For a couple of weeks straight you would just yell all day long.  I almost went completely crazy, but we made it.  And now you seem to be doing a little better.  The sleep thing is still a little off.  If you could go back to sleeping 10-12 hours without waking up, that would really be great.

You are really close to being able to sit up on your own.  You can kind of do it for a little bit and then you fall over.  I think it will be a lot of fun when you are able to sit up in the floor and play with your toys.  You get kind of frustrated laying on your stomach while you play.  It’s ok, we’ll keep working on it.

In the past month you have started eating solid foods.  You loooooove it.  Like, LOVE it.  Feeding you is one of my favorite things to do.  Once you got the hang of the spoon, there was no stopping you.  You are a very enthusiastic eater and you oooh and aaaah as you eat.  I’m glad you like my cooking already.

You spent your first night away from me and Andrew just last weekend.  We had ourselves a fun date night and you had a sleepover at G-da and Gigi’s house.  I think you had a really good time.  We spent the majority of our night talking about you and our favorite moments we’ve had with you so far.  Needless to say, we were glad to see you the next morning.

You are my basketball game partner.  At first you did not enjoy the loud sounds, but I think you’ve gotten used to it.  We went to two games this week and both times you fell asleep in my arms by half-time.  No offense, but taking you to games used to be really stressful for me.  Now, I quite like it.  It’s like most things… just gotta find our rhythm, and we’re alright.

A little cold found it’s way to you this past week.  You were coughing and sneezing and had a runny nose.  I did not like seeing you feel bad, but I did enjoy taking care of you.  You were pretty pitiful.  Lots of warm bubble baths, fuzzy blankets, Vicks, and cuddling made you feel much better.

You are extremely interested in Mayfield and December.  As soon as they walk into whatever room you are in, your eyes are locked in on every move they make.  Mayfield will let you pet her as long as you don’t pull her ears.

A few factoids about you:

Weight & Height:  your 6 month doctor appointment is this afternoon and we will find out.  I’m guessing you are 14-15 pounds, but I could be wrong.  You are still long and lean.
Size:  6 months in clothes, size 2 in diapers.  And you have really long feet.
Eating:  breast milk 5-6 times a day, cereal and fruit in the morning and a vegetable in the evening.  So far you’ve had pumpkin, apple, sweet potato, pear, and banana.  You love it all.
Playing with:  your animal keys, Sophie the Giraffe, your new car-walker thing, your feet, Froggy Frog, your pacifier, our faces, and your rubber duck during bath time.
Sleeping:  a morning nap, afternoon nap, and sometimes a super short evening nap.  Then at night you go to bed at 9pm, wake up yelling at 1:00am and then again at 5:00am, when I usually feed you.  You wake up for good around 8am.
Saying:  MAMA!  You just don’t really connect me to the word quite yet.
Bathing:  every other night.  You are really loving bath time.  You love playing with your rubber duck and with the cup we use to rinse off your hair.  We have to massage your sweet head with a soft brush when we shampoo your hair because of a case of craddle cap you can’t quite kick (say that ten times fast).
Learning:  how to sit up.
Loving:  the pets, playing in the floor, taking baths, waking up from a nap (you’re always so happy), breakfast in bed, going for chilly walks outside (bundled up of course), going to basketball games, trying new foods.
Not loving:  going to Hobby Lobby with me.  We’ve been twice, and both times you hated it.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to express just how much I love you.  I mean, I loved you from the moment I saw those two pink lines on the pregnancy test, but spending every day together and watching you grow and seeing your personality take shape… it’s just ridiculous, really.

You are my heart, P.

I love you always,



2 thoughts on “six months

  1. Judy says:

    Hey Heather, What a wonderful gift you are giving to little Parker. And thank you so much for sharing it with your friends and family. Started my day with a smile!!
    Love to you all. Judy

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, Heather!!! This is a WONDERFUL blog!! What a gifted writer you are. Your words bring us right into life with Parker! You’ve got some great pictures there, too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!



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