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February 13, 2013 by Heather

A couple of weeks ago, Andrew said he wanted us to start waking up a little earlier and having coffee together.  This was quite a statement since neither of us have ever been the type to exactly greet the day with a smile.  The first morning was pretty groggy and had both of us wondering if maybe we’d be better off getting the extra 30 minutes of sleep, but now it is one of my favorite things.

Andrew gets the coffee ready to brew the night before and sets it for 6:45am.  Our alarms go off at 7:00am and we usually snooze for a few extra minutes and mumble “good morning” to each other.  Andrew gets up, goes to the kitchen and pours two cups of hot coffee (he’s finally figured out my coffee-to-creamer ratio) and brings it to our room.  I turn the lamp on and grab my Bible.  We sit up and drink our coffee together under the covers.  We read some scripture and talk about what we have going on that day, things that are on our minds.

Sometimes Parker decides to go ahead and wake up.  One of us goes and gets a bottle ready and the other gets his little smiling self out of bed and changes his diaper.  We make him a spot in our bed between us and he guzzles some milk while we finish our coffee.  Mayfield will poke her head out from underneath the covers and he just laughs.

It’s a really, really nice way to start the day.







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