nine months

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February 21, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

You turned nine months old 5 days ago.  We’ve been pretty busy so that’s why this is a little late.  Better late than never, that’s my motto.



If I had to give the past month a title, I would call it The Month of Movement because you have been all over the place!  You started crawling the day before you turned 8 months old and you have not slowed down for one second.  You are quite the speedster and you are into EVERYTHING.  Do you hear me?  EVERYTHING.  I have lost five pounds in the past month just because I am chasing you around and I’m more worried about you not chewing on the space heater than I am about putting myself together a proper lunch.  So, thanks.  Keep on crawling. 🙂



The age you are right now is my absolute favorite so far.  We have so much fun together and I love taking you places.  You have just enough independence that it makes outings much more doable and less stressful.  I just give you some juice and some Mum Mums or puffs and you are good to go.  I’m telling ya, it’s great.



Your personality is so wonderful and every day more and more of it comes shining through.  You are a perfect mix of silly and serious.  You are very observant and curious too, which can sometimes get you into trouble, but I am careful not to rain on your parade too much.  I want you to explore and see and feel things, because the world is full of so much cool stuff.  However, the litter box is not  full of cool stuff, so back off buddy.



You have figured out how to wave “hello” at things/people.  The main things you wave at are Mayfield, December, the trash can in the kitchen, and yourself in the mirror.  Any other wave is basically a crap shoot.  Sometimes you just hold out your hand and stretch out your fingers like you are giving a high five, and sometimes you will actually open and close your fingers, which is my favorite of the two waves.  I’ve always loved your little hands.  You also now make this face we like to call Scrunch Face.  It makes me laugh so much.





Onto the cold, hard facts:

Weight:  just almost 17 lbs, which puts you in the 3% category for weight!  Beefy guy.



Height:  26 inches (17%)

Size:  9 months in clothes, with some 12 month size pants.  Size 3 in diapers still, probably about to switch to 4.



Eating:  We are officially done with nursing, which has been quite freeing, I’m not gonna lie (holla for regular bras!).  You have about 4-5 bottles a day with three solid meals of fruits and vegetables and oatmeal/rice.  You love yogurt too.  You are all about feeding yourself some puffs and mum mums, which is super cute.  We are easing our way into sippy cups and a little bit of self feeding with peas and tiny bits of apple, but that might take some time.  No rush.



Playing with:  Anything you’re not supposed to play with, like the Xbox or power strips or space heaters or the shower curtain.  Mayfield’s water bowl is a favorite of yours.  You like to play in the kitchen with various spatulas and measuring cups.  You also like to yank out the cookie sheets from their spot, which makes all kinds of noise.  Oh, and you LOVE doors of all kinds.  So much to play with ’round these parts, huh Parky?  You have a big time wherever you are.



Sleeping:  Like a champ!  You sleep 12 hours a night (usually 7-7ish) and take 2-3 naps a day.  Praise Jesus.

Saying:  MAAMAAAA  MAAAMAA.  I like to think you are talking to me, but who knows.  You let out these random squeals and shouts sometimes that are hilarious.  And before you fall asleep in your car seat you hum to yourself for about five minutes before you actually doze off.



Learning:  How to pull up on things and use a sippy cup.

Loving:  Crawling around (especially on hard floors), drinking a bottle, playing with Mayfield, being gently tossed in the air (then caught, obviously), whenever I have something on my head, “talking” to us from your high chair, exploring,  finding the cat after your naps, sleeping, bath time, anything water related, and anything that shakes and makes noise.



Not loving:  Getting your diaper changed (stop grabbing your junk, for real), staying at ball games for too long, missing a nap, and strangers getting all up in your face.



My sweet boy, how I love you.

Love Always, Mom



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