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March 24, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

A week ago yesterday you turned TEN MONTHS OLD!  Welcome to the double digits, son.  Oh Lord have mercy, are you ever the sweetest thing ever.  And my how you’ve grown.


The reason this letter is so late is because on the day you turned 10 months you & I embarked on a little Spring Break 2013 road trip!  We went to Powder Springs, GA, to visit Ganny and Papaw.  It was your first time there and we just had so much fun.  I need to write a whole separate post just about what all we did because it was such a special time.  And of course everyone looooved you!  Even though your allergies (or something) were acting up most of the time, you were still the star of the whole trip.  All conversation and activity was centered around you, and Ganny and Papaw were so thrilled to have a little baby great grandson crawling all over their house.  It really was so sweet.






When we left there we drove up to Nashville, TN, and stayed with my friend Megan for a night.  Once again, you were much loved and adored.  Then we made the rest of the drive home to Andrew, who we had missed so very much.  We were gone for 6 whole days!  It was quite an adventure and I just loved every second of being with you.  Even when you woke up at 1:00am wanting to play.  We can play at 1am, no big deal.  I’m game.  It was Spring Break, after all.  Gotta get cray cray.


Believe me when I say that this has been the month of PERSONALITY for you.  It has just been oozing out all day everyday, and let me tell you something mister, you are a mess.  A real hoot!  You laugh and giggle and scream and make all sorts of funny sounds.  The sound you are most proud of is clicking your tongue.  You’ll do it, then I’ll do it, then you do it back.  Another neat new trick is CLAPPING!  I was folding laundry one day just walking around our bedroom & you were in the floor and I was sort of clapping my hands and I looked down and you were mocking me with this sweet smile on your face!  Once you associated the word “clap” with what you were doing, there was no stopping you.  It’s just the cutest thing ever.  You also wave semi-on-command now, which is also the cutest thing ever.


AND, you pull up to your feet now.  You will pull up on anything you can manage to find.  It’s got to be exhausting!  Sometimes you get brave and hold on with just one hand, but that tends to lead to a bumped noggin, ouch.  Take your time, sweet P.  No rush.


Some facts about you right now:

Eating:  We have started to steer you more toward self-feeding in the past few weeks.  We started slow, first introducing new textures and such, which you seemed to really enjoy.  Right now you are good at feeding yourself beans, blueberries, and cheese, and a few other things like puffs and yogurt melts.  You hate eggs.  Your absolute favorite food is YOGURT.  Oh my gosh, you love yogurt.  I tell people that you would eat cat poop if it had yogurt on it.  You are still eating some baby food, and just today I made a batch of “baby pancakes” to try in the mornings.  I’ve got to convince you that there is more to life than yogurt for breakfasts.  Ha.


Playing with:  Toys toys and more toys.  And anything that is not a toy.  We’ve found that you do better if we just let you go nuts in your room, as opposed to constantly telling you “No!” in the living room or kitchen.  We took you to the park for the first time and you loved it!!!!


Sleeping:  Still pretty good.  Daylight Savings Time kind of threw you for a loop, then our trip last week into Eastern time threw you for another loop, so we’re just taking it all in stride.  You enjoy sleeping though, you really do.  Praise the Lord.


Saying:  Mamamamama, Nananana, Dadadadada, and a lot of other things.  We are trying to teach you “cat,” but all you ever respond with is “ta.”  You’ll get it.  I am convinced it will be your first word.  You love cats.


Learning:  How to stand up without holding onto something, how to drink out of a sippy cup (not really pushing that too hard yet), how to say cat, how to “kiss.”  <— that last one is my favorite.


Loving:  PLAYING.  Also, being in your car seat, believe it or not.


Not loving:  missing a nap, eggs, being ignored.

You light up my whole life, Parker Peach.  I am ready for warmer weather so we can play outside!!


Love Always,




Finally let you play in the pet's water.  You win.

Finally let you play in the pet’s water. You win.



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