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May 23, 2013 by Heather

Dear Parker,

A week ago today you turned one year old!  Happy (late) Birthday, son!  You may be wondering why this is seven days late, since I am always on time for everything.  Besides the fact that we’ve been very busy, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve kind of been putting off writing this letter because I wasn’t quite sure what to say.

Do I play the sentimental card and tell you that I had a huge lump stuck in my throat all last week and did my best to stay busy with party preparations just so I wouldn’t dwell on the fact that you are now technically a toddler and no longer my tiny baby?

Or do I keep things light and fun and tell you about the dance party you and I had in the kitchen on your big day?  The one where you bounced up and down on your knees and laughed at me as I acted like a fool just so you’d keep laughing?  Yeah, that was pretty great.  There were a lot of last minute birthday party things to do, but we cranked up the jams and went for it.  Best part of the whole day.

And then that night we had your party and our friends and family came to celebrate YOU.  We had burgers and salads and cake and fruit and it was a lot of fun.  You got some neat gifts and a face full of cake… not too shabby I’d say.  It’s a wonder you even slept at all that night with all the cake you consumed.  P.S. Andrew wanted you to have a “healthy” cake (aka not cake at all), but I convinced him otherwise.  You eat healthy every other day.  Gotta live it up, especially on your birthday.  (I used this recipe from Magnolia Bakery in NYC, it was yummy and tasted like classic birthday cake).

Your dad & I put on a puppet show that we’d spent waaaay too long preparing for, but it was worth it.  You cracked up the whole time, and I know of at least three people who got it on video, so I need to go find their phones and delete those ASAP.

(Here comes the sentimental card) I had set my alarm for that night at 11:01pm, the exact time you came into this world.  I sat by your crib and watched you sleep, the steady rise and fall of your chest.  And I ugly cried.  Hard.  But quietly, so as not to wake you from your birthday slumber.

Because I’m not gonna lie, son.  It’s been one helluva year for this mama.  It’s been really, really difficult.  So to be able to say, hey, it’s been a whole 365 days and we are still ok… that was big for me.  So here’s to another 365, and another and another and a hundred more after that.  ‘Cause even though it has been challenging, it’s been the best thing ever.  It really is true what the song says – I think I was blind before I met you.  You’ve opened my eyes and my heart in so many, many ways.  I love you so much my tiny darling.  And I hope your forehead always smells the way it does now.






Some Facts:

Height & Weight:  Not sure.  Your 12 month appointment isn’t until next week, but you have definitely grown a lot!!

Size:  12 month in clothes, 3 in shoes, 4 in diapers.

Eating:  EVERYTHING, food and non-food.  You don’t really like eggs though.

Sleeping:  7:30pm-8:00am with two naps during the day.  Woohoo!!!  You are a great sleeper, Praise the LORD.  The day the naps stop is the day I officially go crazy.

Saying:  “Ta” for cat, something that sounds like “Hey” and “Bye Bye.”  You also make some really awesome car/truck sounds.

Playing With:  Right now your favorite toy is what Gran and Grandad got you for your birthday.  It is a little “motorcycle” that you can either ride or push and it has this button that you press to play music.  YOU. LOVE. THAT. BUTTON.  I’ll push you up and down the hallway on it and it makes me laugh so much, because you kind of slump over like a biker dude and bob your head up and down to the music.  I can’t even stand it.

Learning:  How to stand on your own two feet without holding onto something.  You can do it until you realize what’s happening and you slowly lower yourself to the floor.  It’s only a matter of days until you become more confident with it, and then the walking will follow.  No rush.  You’ll get there.  We are also transitioning to a sippy cup from a bottle.  I made a deal with you – a bottle at night and first thing in the morning, then during the day you use a sippy cup.  Seems to be going ok so far.  I just love the way you look when you drink a bottle.  I’m not quite ready for you to quit.

I get these weekly emails from Baby, and the title is always like “Your Baby at Month So-and-So.”  This week’s email said “Your Toddler This Week,” and I almost dropped my phone.  Toddler????  I think they emailed the wrong person.  You’re still my sweet baby.  You always will be, no matter what 🙂

I love you, Parks.  Happy Birthday.




P.S.  I printed out a photo-per-month to hang up at your party.  Look how you’ve grown!!!  You are the most handsome thing ever.





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