picnic in the park, with the Park

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May 24, 2013 by Heather

Yesterday was one of those days that just required something special and out of the ordinary to help us shake off the doldrums (I love that expression).  We’ve been so busy with various things, Andrew’s been sick, and Parker has been kind of crazy.  And then there’s me, the semi-hot-mess who is weaning off of her antidepressants.  So yeah, life called for a picnic yesterday.

Around 11:45 I texted Andrew who said he would be taking his lunch at noon.  So I strapped Parker into his high chair with a bottle and a tray of black beans and dumped everything out of my sewing basket, because picnics require baskets with handles.  Into the basket went a flurry of things… a ham sandwich for Andrew, a spinach & goat cheese salad for me, half a whole wheat English muffin & cheese for Parker, orange slices & blueberries, carrot sticks & hummus.  I threw a quilt and my child in the car and we picked Dad up in his tie and shiny shoes.  There are no dress requirements for picnics, just basket and quilt requirements.





Happy Long Weekend!  There are mutterings of a possible zoo trip tomorrow, but we’ll see.  I feel like it would be super crowded on a Saturday, especially on a holiday weekend.  Lots of kids everywhere.  Not exactly my scene.  We’ll see.  🙂


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